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Thread: New project - Feedback for Brian Crower stage 3- 272* needed

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2015-11-22 17:00:07
New project - Feedback for Brian Crower stage 3- 272* needed
Post some driving videos!

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2016-01-09 07:11:26
Any updates?
2016-03-07 21:34:29
2016-04-07 12:33:05
Still no videos, but the car is running on stock intake , tube and airbox, due to limited budged...
Yesterday we installed 2,5 inch exhaust (I was insisting for 3 inch, but without results...) :

MAF from EUDM P11 GT is available, intake pipe coming soon also...
Having issues with too much knocks , and we "isolated " the knock sensor from Nistune.
Knock sensor is brand new, Nissan OEM.
Maybe we have to find another place for it.
Cams will be set to +2.5/-2.5 in/ex tomorrow, because the owner will participate to a time attack challenge , in 2.0 street legal class.
Let's see what will be the results.
2016-04-07 22:53:13
New project - Feedback for Brian Crower stage 3- 272* needed
What's your timing map look like? And is the distributor at 15deg? The 20deg overlap should be fine at +5/-5

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2016-04-08 15:53:29
Yes, the distributor is set to 15*.
The old timing map, with 0/0 in/ex on the cams gears:

The car doesn't respond to more advance.
It'll be edited very soon.
2016-04-08 22:45:49
Sorry but what the hell is this lol. That map is wack!

Your so under advanced, this is probably causing your issue. Like 10-15deg too low everywhere! Get a stock timing map and add 5 deg to the whole thing. This would be 100% better than what you have now. Copy over a stock USDM sr20de timing map for now from the Nistune files.

If not PM me and ill fix you up.

Man that's wack!
2016-04-19 11:01:52
...well, I agree.
Cam timing was changed , but not by me, so not sure what is the current setup.
Waiting for the edited bin, once i have - I'll post it here.
And thanks for offering your help,Haulin !
2016-04-23 22:08:41
No problem bud.

I would at least stick with between +3/-3 to +5/-5 for cam timing.

Start of with the mentioned bin and tune from there. The USDM bin with 5 deg would be a good rough map but I forgot your high compression now. So use caution with that added extra 5 deg!!!!!

That bin you posted is almost the same as a turbo bin haha

Good Luck
2016-10-08 02:17:28
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