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Thread: What's this issue?

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2015-04-09 18:12:02
What's this issue?
ok here we go:

car ran fine, blew front main seal and she had a horrible knock..in comes fresh new motor completely rebuilt, etc etc

new problem:

car had STI injectors and N62 MAF wired into car as the plan was to get it together and running and shoot down to CT to have it tuned so fun could commence with it
car ran fine but just rich as hell, which was expected as it was unturned with huge injectors (probably a little too big..this was before I purchased my VE injectors)

thought was to throw stock injectors and stock MAF back in to eliminate any fuel/air issues as tuning the car got put onto the back burner (for personal reasons)

stock injectors back in, left MAF in just because it wasn't thought to mess with anything..wrong..car would sit and sputter out 5 seconds after it was started as if it was running out of fuel, so thought was to throw stock MAF back in and all issues would be taken care of..NOPE

I did not have the pigtail for the stock MAF so I found a SAAB plug (fits perfect) so I wire it all back together and car is running rough so I switch the two wires (power and signal) as I do not know which one is which, but I did and the car ran smooth(er) but super rich again..no idea why

If the brake booster hose is unplugged to let unmetered air leak slowly into the intake plenum the idle picks up and the car runs fine, but when that line is plugged back in the idle dies a bit and you can smell the fuel in the exhaust. I don't think the MAF is bad, could it be? or could there be an issue in the fuel system? I am confused and trying to figure this out so I can get the car running properly again so I don't destroy this beautiful new motor!

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2015-04-09 21:23:45
you may want to think about the process of your parts. So you have a stock VE ECU, with stock ve injectors, with a 300zx MAF, correct?

Why would the ECU be able to compensate for the much bigger 300zx MAF?
2015-04-09 22:12:33
DE..DE ECU..just VE pistons and injectors..but the DE injectors are in there now
2015-04-09 22:22:39
Again, I urge you to consider the logic behind my post.

Why would a DE edu be capable of correctly functioning with a 300ZX MAF much less the VE injectors?

You need to step back and think about your process
2015-04-09 22:24:19
That's why I'm confused as to how it would run with the other components..but like I said it's a stock maf and stock injectors now..but it's running super rich now..the problem is basically in the last paragraph haha..the rest of the post is basically unrelated haha
2015-04-09 22:26:44
My suggestion before you blow your motor AGAIN, get a NEMU...

The money spent will be well worth it in the long run..

Trust me, i've done stuff like you before and it cost me up the ASS. That's a learning mistake I would try avoiding..

If you can't get a NEMU, i'd try a chipped ECU solution..

Last thing you want to do is having your car running janky...
2015-04-09 22:28:02
I'm just trying to figure out how or why it would be running so rich and crappy with all the stock components in there! That's what I need to remedy!
2015-04-09 22:28:56
Also, check TPS voltage to ensure it's up to par! Not sure how you can test MAF honestly as i've been told many times that MAF's that die don't throw codes.. Maybe a voltage test? Have you tried cleaning the MAF sensor?
2015-04-09 22:30:38
I haven't cleaned anything..I was trying to diagnose with my ears a 10 mm socket and a flathead screwdriver haha
2015-04-10 01:14:15
Originally Posted by justin2386
I haven't cleaned anything..I was trying to diagnose with my ears a 10 mm socket and a flathead screwdriver haha

You need a voltmeter for sure. Set TPS and make sure MAF is within spec.

When my MAF died it threw no codes, the car would just run(if it stayed on) SUPER(9.0 AFR) rich at idle; once out of idle it ran like a raped ape though.
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