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Thread: DE on roids

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2015-03-15 00:14:41
DE on roids
so i haven't been much in here recently had a new born so i had to put everything on stand by and finally getting everything situated and trying to time manage as much as i can so i decided to start working on the car again. The car belong to Marsh originally and i pick it up from him as a shell and threw out the few month i discovered a few rust spots and i got fed up with the car and decided to part ways with it and no one wanted it do to the rust so i decided to part it out and turn it into a race shell. so now that the introduction is out of the way here is my plan, every single one of my friends have a Ve of some sort turbo, nitrous and ect but not one of them is rocking a dinosaur AKA DE so i decided to build a high comp + nitrous DE in a light as possible race shell.


All motor looking for 160-170hp on the bottle hopefully 290-310hp

plans and parts:

sr16's non n1 piston

Manley rods - Acl race bearings

so after getting a bottom end for free i decided to clean it all up only to find this

so now off to find another bottom end but in good news i got a free head from a local friend

now off to the shell

what she used to look like with a 2 fog

picked up a 4 fog skin only with no support so i decided to backyard my own support from 1/4 rod

now with a 4 fog with deleted fogs

and just my luck my co worker rear end the car and happen to fuck my grill up so i decided to block off the grill and delete the mirrors as well, no more saving it as a street car =(

i got to take a few interior pictures yes the car was gorgeous and i get shit from my friends all the time for making her into a race shell but the amount of rust that is on the rear wheel well scared me and i decided to pull the gun and i miss my old black b13 so she is what it is.
2015-03-15 05:20:25
You need them frnder flares tho
2015-03-15 23:27:20
Sounds like you're building the sentra version of my car. Good luck!
2015-03-16 00:00:59
Originally Posted by AaroNX
Sounds like you're building the sentra version of my car. Good luck!

Thanks yeah pretty much 😂 that's a sick nx hope if it all falls well be in the 11.5 index
2015-03-21 00:29:35
finally got a Ve block from another buddy on mine and got the block assembled along with the squirters removed

2015-03-21 01:16:01
Yes...more DEs!
2015-03-22 21:22:42
The shell interior

2015-03-23 01:22:03
Nice. Cant wait to see some dyno numbers & 1/4 mile times!
2015-03-23 01:45:37
Thanks I'm anxious myself
2015-03-25 04:05:44
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