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Thread: Justin's budget all motor/OEM+ build

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2014-10-27 00:31:50
Justin's budget all motor/OEM+ build
Here's everything I have going in so far, feel free to offer any suggestions for parts or tuning or anything you feel necessary

-Stock rods with ARP bolts
-VE pistons with new OEM VE rings
-ACL race crank and rod bearings

-rebuilt with new valve guides and seals and decked for straightness
-ARP head studs
-Stock lowport cams

-NGK plugs
-Stock wires

-VE fuel rail and injectors
-off brand afpr

-3" piping
-N60 MAF
-3" velocity stack
-6" filter

-Unorthodox racing crank pulley
-JGY 8.5lb flywheel
-Exedy stage 3 pressure plate
-JWT clutch disc
-new OEM throw out bearing and clips

Also running a stock header unless someone wants to sell me one unless @jet gets his header off his car first..lol

Hope to have some fun with this until I move on to my VE beast build
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2014-10-27 02:35:47
why ve pistons?
2014-10-27 02:37:28
Because the motor I bought had a messed up piston and I got a good deal on a set of VE's..and for the little bit of a bump to the compression ratio
2014-10-27 13:44:43
Nice build man, i'll be tuning in for future updates!
2014-11-05 21:21:17
Looking forward to seeing this! Good luck!
2014-11-08 19:49:11
Motor is almost all the way back together! Just have to button up oil pans and then the blown motor can come out of the car and everything will be swapped in!
2014-11-08 19:52:26
What are people's suggestions for a MAF? I was looking around for a MAF sensor info thread but couldn't find one anywhere
2014-11-10 13:53:43
I would go N60 and go with 3" intake
2014-11-10 14:05:16
Does anyone make a 3" intake? Or am I better off say hacking up some intercooler piping or something like that?
2014-11-10 14:16:42
I used a universal kit from ebay, it needed a little modification but worked quite well. Not sure if anyone makes a kit or not. You can piece together your own with IC piping, that is what i am doing with my new 3.5" intake i need.
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