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Thread: VE turbo checklist?

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2013-12-12 22:42:13
VE turbo checklist?
I am getting a turbo itch pretty bad. I have been into B13s for the better part of 12 years or so and I finally was able to swap a VE into my NX. I like the VVL and all but I want more power of course. What needs to be done to make the VE a turbo ready motor? I hear the piston rods would be to weak for turbo and I would have to do DE bottom end or new rods.

I am not looking to build a monster car but something that can handle 10psi.

I checked the manifest and how to section but nothing really there.
2013-12-12 22:53:37
Stock ve is just as strong as stock de. Boost that shit.
2013-12-12 22:57:58
these threads are getting old

stock ve can take what 95% of people on here will throw at them plain and simple nothing special needs to be done its the same as boosting a de

yes tuning it will be different to get the most out of it but the essentials are still the same as doing a de. take what you know for boosting a de and implement that onto a ve and you will be fine

the compression isnt something to be scared of, use it to your advantage for a very fun car
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2014-01-15 00:41:05
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