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Thread: Best light weight flywheel for the least amount of money?

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2013-10-27 21:09:46
Best light weight flycookie for the least amount of money?
Getting ready to do a 5-speed conversion on my P10 and was going to just resurface the OEM flycookie, but if I can get a light weight flycookie for relatively cheap I may just go that route. I heard the XTD stuff is crap, so what's next in line?
2013-10-27 23:21:10
XTD flycookie is ok for the price,
2013-10-28 03:37:30
You using one?
2013-10-28 13:03:20
Used Fidanza maybe.
2013-10-28 13:46:01
Loren @DMSentra can trim a stock one down to just over 13 lbs. if that is your fancy.
2013-10-28 15:08:37
Xtd is good. Older ones are ~12lbs and newer ones are ~14-15lbs. I've been running them for years
2013-10-28 15:43:55
I have a XTD "11lbs" lightweight flycookie, it works very good, havent had any issues and is very cheap... i did not weighted it but i think its on the 14-13 lbs range for 130USD im very happy with it.
2013-10-28 16:24:21
I had an Eclutchmasters. Its a Fidanza copy with a replaceable friction disk for about 160. It weighed 11.3 pounds on my digital scale
2013-10-28 17:18:07
Thanks guys. I have friends and co-workers telling me they are ebay crap but obviously they have no experience with them with our cars so hard to take them seriously.

Also, are the early cars 108 or 109 tooth, or does it matter?
2013-10-28 23:18:39
You can use either on OBD1 cars without throwing a code. Ebay ones are fine and just get a bad stigma. They are heaps better than stock
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