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Thread: Post your engine bays here. All Engine Listed Welcome: All GA, All SR engines.

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2013-09-29 04:31:16
Post your engine bays here. All Engine Listed Welcome: All GA, All SR engines.
Post your engine bay pics here!! All gens welcome

This hasn't been done in a while, so I figured I'd kick off a new thread. I'm hoping that this thread will inspire us and give us ideas on what our next mod will be.

Here are the rules:
1. Post one pic of your engine bay (ok ok...3 pics maximum).

2. Any condition.

3. Work in progress is allowed.

3. Pics should be clear or blurry, idc.

4. Doesnt have to be modded

6. No BS and worthless chit chatting which doesn't contribute to the thread. Compliments are fine.

7. If someone post 3 pictures, and you want to talk about 1 picture, please don't quote ALL 3 Pictures...this will keep the repetitiveness and scrolling to a minimum.

8. If you don't like what you see, either stay quiet or offer constructive criticism. Don't be a d1ck about it.

Optional: Provide a brief list of only your mods related to the engine/engine bay (what we see in your picture(s))

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2013-09-29 05:39:47
I'll start it off I guess, lol.

Full build list can be seen on my personal website (or my build thread here), but basically it's a built S13 redtop with a Full-Race GT3071R twin scroll kit (bought in 2008/2009, so it's the older stuff) that made 425 whp @ 19psi. Revs to 8,500 as well
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2013-09-29 12:58:56
Aw, there's a bit of rust. I had the car stored in Toronto for a bit and the garage flooded. IC tubing needs to be scrubbed off with steel wool. It's a track car, not a show car.

2013-09-29 13:16:01
Originally Posted by 2_Liter_Turbo

changing your oil looks fun
2013-09-29 15:07:41
wow,too many rules for me. sorry
Should be called " post your perfect engine bays"
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2013-09-29 15:16:18
^ I posted some rust anyway. I did put a picture of my other engine's bay into another thread though today.
The only engine bling I have:

2013-09-29 15:36:20
Originally Posted by D-Unit121

changing your oil looks fun

Super easy. Poke a hole in the filter to relieve the pressure and it all drains away. I do the same on my P10, which in the stock location would spill all over if I just took it off. I can literally change my oil in less than 10 minutes on the S13. Don't even have to jack it up if I use a shallow enough pan.
2013-09-29 16:46:01
........Don;t we have about 50 of these threads in every individual forum?? Please do a search and stop being lazy @VincentXero86 ! Too much rules gggeeezzzz!!

2013-09-29 23:00:44
Hehehe sorry. Just wanted to see you guy's reaction, and no, we dont have any of theese all around threads. Theyre for VE's and DE's etc
2013-09-29 23:49:47
...........And Turbo and GA and..........

Let this thread die!
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