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Thread: next step in n/a

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2013-03-10 23:37:07
The VE makes more sense if you are really serious. Or if your DE is blown. If you already have a DE and its in good shape then I'd just stick with it
2013-03-11 12:18:08
Originally Posted by happynole
Originally Posted by ga16eats
Well dollar for dollar isn't a ve a much better option. and I have a wanted add up for a flywheel

Don't be so quick to say that, it really depends on how you plan to use your car. A VE has more POTENTIAL, but dollar for dollar a DE may be a better bet. Allow me to explain why I say so.

Most likely you already have a DE, so that $700-800 you need to spend to buy a VE can be put back into your DE for mods. My list would go like this:
- SR16 (11.75-1) or N1 (11-1) pistons used for $200-300
- mild port on your De head $400-500
- new head gasket - $40-75 depending on which you get and certainly less than what a cam switch device will run so you are still even money

I know of very few people who go VE and stay stock cams for long, so plan to budget for cams at some point. DE cams are less expensive so no better value here.

You will need a header for either engine, you can go cheap or expensive on either setup and remember you get what you pay for in this area. You may not need a new cat back exhaust for your DE, to realize all that VE potential you will want a new 3" exhaust. No savings here.

You will need a tunable ecu and some tuning on either setup.

My point is you have to look long range and figure all the costs for where you want to end up. Like I said a VE may have more potential, but a DE may be less expensive in the long run especially for a daily driver. Ask yourself this - where are you more likely to spend time when you drive? I bet you spend more time from 4,000-7,000 RPM in the middle of the DE power band. A VE doesn't really come to life until at you pass 5500 RPM, and a modest VE with cams makes its power from 6,000-9,000. A fully built VE kicks ass for sure, but on the high side of 8,000 RPM!! Do you want to have to drive it like you stole it??

Lest anyone think I'm bashing VE's I am not. I just think there is life left in the DE's already out there.

^^^This is what Im talking about you guys are sleeping on the DE a DE can be a monster is all in the $$$ you want to spend and if you know exactly where to spend it well you will get awesome results and be right next to a VE...Like he also said I love VE's too but why keep on buying engine when with that money you can save maybe a few more and create a street/track monster.
2013-03-11 13:19:36
Originally Posted by ga16eats
Btw I bought a set of n1 cams yesterday. can't wait.
2013-03-11 13:55:20
I'm glad to see there's still heads out their rocking with the de's. (Not thread jacking) But I'm also building a HC De, bigger cams and a lil header. I'm not tryna break records though; I love my stock de but since I'm in there might as well beef her up a bitt...
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2013-03-11 14:17:12

DEs are very capable.
Roller Rocker DE. 12.3:1 CR
'CatCams' 518s with 298/288 duration 11.6mm lift.
SR16VE Pistons
Eagle rods
ACL Race bearings
Mildly ported head with Ferrea titanium retainers / springs
ARP head studs
64mm throttle body ( Jenvey butterfly ) & port matched plenum with coolant bi-pass
Internally polished inlet manifold
Thermo inlet manifold & TB gaskets
HKS induction kit with race element
Fujitsubo VE header modified to fit DE
2.25" AAS mandrell catback
UR underdrive crank/water pully / alloy ALT pully.
OE 259cc injectors @ 4.5 bar
NISTUNE ECU with 8200rpm rev cut. Tuned by Greg @ Protuner
VZR N1 LSD gearbox. Shot peened. Cryo treated. Case welded.
11lb 'Competition Clutch' steel flywheel.
4 Puck 'Competition Clutch' racing clutch

192whp corrected, peak power at around 7800rpm.

We all know what figure i'd get with a 3.0" catback.
2013-03-11 14:39:43
^^Thats a DE monster....now is like how I been saying is all about how much you want to spend and you can creat a monster still with in a budget
2013-03-11 17:42:02
DEs have their limitations, but can be built on a budget (less that $2000) and make good power. Not a lot of people see spending that money on a DE when you can get the same amount of power, if not more (low 200s), out of a cam'ed and bolt on VE.

A local guy made 225 on a VE with N1s, and SR16 pistons, ASP header and stock intake mani. We are looking at only a few hundred more dollars for quite a bit more HP. If we had someone spend as much time making cams as JWT did on the DE for the VE we would/will start seeing some great numbers from otherwise stock VEs.

Have you taken the P10 to the 1/4 mile Joe? I would be interested in seeing what it does just for comparison.
2013-03-12 01:19:52
Originally Posted by squirlz
DEs have their limitations, but can be built on a budget (less that $2000) and make good power.

Have you taken the P10 to the 1/4 mile Joe? I would be interested in seeing what it does just for comparison.

I have never drag raced before, so I really have no idea. The thing is I built Panda for both road course work and daily driving. So she's a heavy bitch with full interior, extra sound deadening, amps and sub in the trunk. Not exactly quick from a stop, but magic on a curvy road on a sunny day

In any case I will find out this summer because I'm going to hit the drag strip at the convention!
2013-03-12 06:08:01
That's a badass de build. why the gif benfen? And I want to see a vid of your Infiniti in action Joe.
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