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Thread: next step in n/a

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2013-02-22 19:39:20
SR16VE are aprox. 11.7:1 in a DE. Id get pistons, realtime ECU and nice 4-2-1 manifold.
2013-02-22 19:55:41
With a realtime ecu 16ve pistons, and a better header/exhaust what numbers could i expect. Ill post my dyno sheet up on here for you guys also.
2013-02-22 22:40:00
I would guess and extra 10-15hp. Increase in compression will increase the power across the board, header might only help in a certain area. I would guess a good tune now would net you close to 5hp. Same mods on the VE and you could be in the 230s. I am not sure DEs are really worth upgrading for NA, gains are minimal compared to the potential of the VE. A stock VE would get you in the 170s, add some bolt ons, some cams and an tune and you are around 200.
2013-02-23 00:32:35
Ecu and 3 inch.
2013-02-23 03:36:43
Originally Posted by squirlz
I am not sure DEs are really worth upgrading for NA, A stock VE would get you in the 170s, add some bolt ons, some cams and an tune and you are around 200.

throwing $$ @ a de is kinda pointless, imho. a bare bones stock ve for~$700-$900 VS hc pistons on a de? the pistons will get you~ 5-10whp is all. that puts you @ ~155-160whp, maybe. can you even source the sr16 pistons?? or will it be cp or some other ~$500-$600 piston? to reach the turnkey 170-180whp of a VE you'll need bigger (ching ching) cams for the de as well. might as well go c3's right? and with those....aftermarket valve springs (more ching).
add it up yourself, man.
2013-02-23 03:39:42
What is your budget? Figure that out and then go from there. If it were me and I was going to dump any money into a DE build, I would make sure I could transfer those parts over to the turbo build when ready. A NEMU R/T ECU or even an AEM standalone, cams and a 3" header back exhaust could all be swapped over to the turbo when ready.

ECU, exhaust and 2-3 hours on a dyno with a top notch tuner will have the DE feeling nice. If you are already at 150whp, I don't see 165 being a problem at all.
2013-02-23 05:00:58
I don't see much of a point in going any farther with the car n/a without going ve. If you want more power, get a nitrous setup and run sr16 pistons if you need to rebuild I guess. If there isn't a real need to rebuild it and you plan on boosting it sooner than later, spend 5-600 on a wet nitrous setup and stop messing around. For 5-600 bucks you could have 10 hp or 100...... Your choice.
2013-02-23 06:27:20
I wish a de could make 200 on a budget lol. Oh well. I have a zex kit and a turbo kit sitting around. I think itd be nice to have the bottom end done and ready for a ve head. The engine needs a rebuild anyways.
2013-02-23 06:32:28
And thats a perfect idea b15. Ill make sure to do that. A tunable ecu and 3 inch exhaust would make gains n/a and turbo
2013-02-23 07:48:51
Fuck it. The car is going turbo tomorrow. Picking up the tools to drill the return in the morning. Enough playing games lol. Rwd manifold and gt25 turbo. 8 psi.
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