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Thread: still having problems

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2013-01-13 01:37:02
Ok so after running all day yesterday I got up and drove to advance. It drove ok ( driveable ) got to advance turned car off got my plugs changed them in the Parkin lot went to crank car up she ran and sounded like crap. Put old plugs back on in Parkin lot and it didn't change still ran and sounded like shit creeped home at 20mph cuz that's as fast as she would go. Almost died goin up a hill. Got home and pulled the plugs cylinder #1 and #4 were white and cylinder #2 and #3 were black. I put new knock sensor on new plug wires took valve cover off got everything TDC went to fire it up didn't change a bit. Us now the car shakes like a dam jack hammer
2013-01-13 01:40:11
Re: still having problems
Ok so can we change mode of thinking please check, tps signal, and are you running stock ecu or what?

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2013-01-13 01:47:23
he checked tps, theres even a video lol besides that would NOT cause these issues
2013-01-13 01:50:18
if you had 2 white spark plugs and 2 black ones obviously somethings happening... are you losing coolant by chance? is it blowing a ton of smoke or steam out of the exhaust?

might still be a fueling issue like i've been saying, i guess theres not much left other then fuel pump and injectors.

whatever it is, its getting progressively worse form what it sounds like
2013-01-13 01:54:58
Re: still having problems
My was the same way before I noticed my tps wasn't working past half throttle, I don't know his full setup, but injectors is what id pick next, first check fuel pressure

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2013-01-13 02:06:27
i've driven without a tps for a few months, didnt even know it was unplugged lol, i've seen guys driving with broken ones also, but never seen an issue such as this.

i'm with ya on checking the fuel pressure and possibly replacing injectors..
2013-01-13 02:14:15
Re: still having problems
Mine with stock ecu disconnected tps and car went into limp mode,

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2013-01-13 02:26:58
ok so he's still only got 19 links between the timing marks, that combined with how advanced his dist is tells me the exhaust cams off 1 tooth. this is an easy fix and should make his car run proper.
2013-01-13 02:34:22
Re: still having problems
Hmm... thought he said the problem started after he changed plugs?

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2013-01-13 02:36:34
Re: still having problems
Never mind read it wrong lol anyone has the link to his first thread
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