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Thread: 4-1 headers (craigslist find)

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2012-10-15 05:23:26
can someone go meet with this guy an slap him around for bein a fuckin idiot?

he's either an extreme dumbass, or a fuckin ripoff artist..
2012-10-15 05:25:07
He sounds foreign and doesnt seem to know much about sr
2012-10-15 05:25:49
thats no excuse.

what if i was foreign and was selling this piece as a Nismo sr20det manifold.. some newby guy buys it thinking to use it on his car for a turbo setup, only to find out that its not going to work an he just spent $500, who do you think is going to get frowned on?
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2012-10-15 05:28:47
Maybe the guy is just confused about DE vs DET or DE+T? Or maybe some halfwit decided to N/A a 8.5:1 DET. LOL. It is from Armonic Performance though, so he is telling the truth on that part. Who knows?


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2012-10-15 05:31:22
2012-10-15 05:32:19
I can make any header a Nismo...with a black sharpie!
2012-10-15 05:35:16
2012-10-15 05:38:00
my friend can do that at work for my ssac header, does that make it nismo?

the header looks ok, better then a ssac quality wise from what i can tell so im not bashing the header, nor the price. i just dont like false advertisement an people selling knock off stuff as real or whatever ya know?
2012-10-15 05:41:21
Yea i know what you mean. Wonder what it cost directly from them.
2012-10-15 05:44:26
honestly probably about what he's asking im guessing, someone should find out
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