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Thread: All-Motor (NA) Engine Build

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2011-09-08 00:16:34
And besides, DE maf's are fugly!

2011-09-08 00:19:00
Originally Posted by Chriscar
And besides, DE maf's are fugly!


2011-09-08 01:36:41
I wouldn't use the de maf as it is kind of restrictive, though others will argue that it will work just fine. It may not be a huge difference in power because of the restriction but I have seen a few hp difference with the n60 compared to the de maf. A few hp on an n/a build makes a difference. You need all the hp that you can get.
2011-09-08 01:58:48
I agree w Chris..even if you waste the time to polish or powdercoate them, they still hold a high degree of unfavorable funk LOL

and Drew I believe I stated something about the restriction as well, so we r on the same page again

The loss is argueable depending on the length/characteristics of the intake tube, but yeah....N60 mafs are cheaper than a Taiwanese hooker and the plugs are super easy to find as well, so why not.
2011-09-09 05:54:53
Well in that case I would grab a N60 & the Taiwanese hooker too. Maybe the N60 could measure the amount of air that she could produce whether it be draw through (sucking) or blow through (blowing)
2011-09-09 15:28:06
now thats multi-tasking!!!
2011-09-09 19:18:14
"You know how we do"...... Not really but it seems like the cool thing to say nowadays
2011-09-09 20:33:29
yeah booiii bang bang skeet skeet shoot the chain....

idk either...
2021-11-14 21:10:12
Does anyone know what happened to this motor. I tried to send Jrod a pm but didn’t get a reply. I would like the whole motor or the crank if someone still had it. Thanks
2022-01-16 06:34:21
This post started in 2011. im sure No one comes on here anymore. Mostly everyone on FB groups nowadays.
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