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Thread: All-Motor (NA) Engine Build

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2011-09-06 20:44:12
I think it's $260 for the ODB2 board and $240 for the ODB1 ($AUD), Software to tune it yourself is $200 or take it to a dealer and pay them to tune it on the dyno. I haven't checked what the dollar is doing vs the AUD but it's prob getting it's ass kicked lol. No real down time if u take it to someone who knows how to electronic work like a TV/VCR repair shop. They have the other one Nismotronic but the Boards aren't out for it yet so no price on it. Could be cheaper or more. I think they only do ODB1.
2011-09-07 00:51:09
1 USD = .95 AUD wow our country is really in the shit....

anyway sounds good. I will pass the info along to whoever ends up with this engine...

Im gonna have to put it up for sale officially soon.
2011-09-07 00:58:30
its getting a bit better. Last time I checked the AUD was worth more than the usd lol.
2011-09-07 02:00:04
Originally Posted by jRod
So what would you folks recommend for an ecu/management set up for something like this?

I was thinking a custom intake manifold, maybe and ASP-like header, 333cc injectors should be more than enough and nothing bigger than a Z32 MAF, if that...

I'm old school and the last cars I messed with all had a JWT ecu (no complaints)...

jose, either nistune or calum realtime.

stock intake mani will work ok. buy a 4:1 header threw me, stepped, with the choke size you want, great header and will flow amazing for you set up. ve inj and a z32 maf.

2011-09-07 02:32:54
cool..seems like I wasnt too far off
2011-09-07 02:35:05
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
its getting a bit better. Last time I checked the AUD was worth more than the usd lol.

Yeah 1 AUD= 1.057 USD
2011-09-07 17:37:21
right or 1 USD = 0.949 AUD


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2011-09-07 18:19:24
I honestly don't think a z32 maf is necessary. You should probably use a maxima maf, whichever it is, n60 or n62 I think. The resolution is better and since the engine will not max out that maf, it is what I would use. You lose resolution when you go with a maf that can read 500hp when you are running an engine that won't make more than 250whp. It will work, I'm not saying that it won't but you will be better off with a maf that is sized more toward your power goals.
2011-09-07 18:22:10
^ this is true.

same goes for inj. so yes, size the maf correctly.

2011-09-08 00:13:23
i agree 100% in all actuality even a bored DE MAF would be sufficient power-wise but would probably flow a little shittier than say the N60..

Give me a break guys, Im a turbo monkey by design,.....all i know is Z32 and Lightning LOL

but yes N60, cheaper, more precise for this app....good advice Drew!!
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