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Thread: All-Motor (NA) Engine Build

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2011-08-30 18:47:03
Originally Posted by Andreas
98 rocker arms
all slotted pucks (no flat shims)

A Andreas Miko invention since 1998, that works wonders.

yup...Ive been around SR20's that long believe it or not

Originally Posted by 1sentra-se-r
When you said mid 200hp I was thinking some along the lines of 230-250hp. But I did say around 200hp which give or take a few and im talking whp but if to the crank then yea. Either way Im not doubting you so good luck with the build. Also who did the crank and what did it cost?

yeah I shouldve just left it at "above 200 hp" the word "mid" is whats causing the confusion LOL

Originally Posted by Andreas
all slotted pucks stop the rocker arms from flying off.

The slotted puck is designed to hold the rocker arm in place. So if the spring with the slotted puck floats first the rocker will dislodge. So by putting slotted pucks on both sides you eliminate the chance of the rocker comming off.

The rocker will not fit the slotted puck on the opposite side as the side with the slotted puck is machined from factory. So all you have to do is have the rocker machned down to match the opposite side that comes with the slotted puck.

Thats about it...Ida probably said the same way

Originally Posted by mera
strong DE build for sure - subscribed

wanna buy it? lol

Originally Posted by Viprdude
I think the 98 rocker arms are just the lightest or maybe have th largest grooves. I completely forgot about the Miko trick to gain higher Rev's. This is a good one, damn you, brain!

They seem to be cleaner looking and I think the oil channels are larger and they are lighter as well.

Originally Posted by ivanorcan
Ok i know that the SR16VE pistons with tock Headgasket and no shaving will give 11.8:1 CR but i think that cams deserve more CR... so i thought that engine could get a 0.2mm shave to get the CR a little higher or dont know...

Are you planing on using the 11.8:1 CR that the SR16 would give you?

just gonna run the 11.8. The block was decked and head was milled but just enough for a resurface so maybe itll be a hair more than 11.8...like 11.83 LOL

but I think the current configuration will suffice...it will leave room to grow for other things and still maintain a comfortable factor of safety.
2011-08-30 18:51:49
Also, i think someone asked and i missed the quote....

The crank was polished, deburred, oil holes chamfered and knife edged and balanced by Castillo Cranks in SoCal

It cost about $600. They are the only shop I would trust to do it. Most other shops wont even take the work and others would just sub it out. Mike K wrote an artice about them a while back and I may not always agree with who he endorses, but in this case it was right on the money. Their shop is small but they know what the hell they are doing. Very nice people and boatloads of experience.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and encouragement. I wish I could get this thing installed into something and watch it roar, but in these times I just cant do it...

I welcome someone to take it off my hands and give it the home it deserves. Ill even help install/tune it for free
2011-08-30 19:57:19
I would be more than happy to take that engine from your hands... but im in Costa Rica and that would be very dificult and expensive...

Hope to see it running soon!!!
2011-08-30 20:35:24
I would love to have that crank. This motor seems like it would be a monster.
2011-08-30 21:56:48
Originally Posted by ivanorcan
I would be more than happy to take that engine from your hands... but im in Costa Rica and that would be very dificult and expensive...

Hope to see it running soon!!!

I can look into shipping to Costa Rica. I used to do business with a freight company that is pretty reasonable. Let me know if you are seious and I can get you a shipping quote!

Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
I would love to have that crank. This motor seems like it would be a monster.

Thanks Bes. Yeah the crank is a real beauty and the key to success of this motor. I almost didnt want to install it. Would have looked good on my coffee table
2011-08-30 22:37:11
Put this motor in anything and get it running .
2011-08-30 23:26:39
where do you buy anythings? Maybe the same place you can buy Hope and Change
2011-08-31 00:10:10
Jrod Ivan has a his NX2k Shell for sale. it's just kicking it on the side of his house. btw hows the unicorn?
2011-08-31 06:27:58
lol yeah I had an NX shell too. I sold it cause I need money. Im not too sure of what the future holds in store so I cannot afford to buy a shell/manifolds/ecus/etc etc etc

I still have another engine that needs building (90mm turbo stroker) but that is obviously light years away....its argueably so much easier to build motors than it is to build entire cars LOL

As far as the unicorn...see above LOL it needs a few minor plumbing related things and I have to put it back together....I have a little more times these days, but not enough to dedicate to that still...maybe someday soon
2011-08-31 20:14:15
you guys think Id have some luck if I put this up on eBay?

I havent really sold much stuff like I used to but I figure the way the forums are these days its almost better to craigslist/eBay shit...

opinions? suggestions?
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