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Thread: All-Motor (NA) Engine Build

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2011-08-30 13:33:51
I knew about the RR HVLA's, but was is so special about the 98 rocker arms and with all slotted pucks? What are the advantages with those two being mated? Nice looking build and that crank looks very well machined.
2011-08-30 13:50:04
all slotted pucks stop the rocker arms from flying off.

The slotted puck is designed to hold the rocker arm in place. So if the spring with the slotted puck floats first the rocker will dislodge. So by putting slotted pucks on both sides you eliminate the chance of the rocker comming off.

The rocker will not fit the slotted puck on the opposite side as the side with the slotted puck is machined from factory. So all you have to do is have the rocker machned down to match the opposite side that comes with the slotted puck.
2011-08-30 14:00:38
^I was going to guess that, but thought it was more to it. Nice to know. I'll look into doing this as well. Are the 98 rocker arms stronger? I'm just curious as he specifically called out that year.
2011-08-30 14:59:33
strong DE build for sure - subscribed
2011-08-30 16:06:38
I think the 98 rocker arms are just the lightest or maybe have th largest grooves. I completely forgot about the Miko trick to gain higher Rev's. This is a good one, damn you, brain!
2011-08-30 16:48:27
Nice engine build, i like what you've done here. Real shame we may not get to see it in action

200whp is achievable from this engine for sure...
2011-08-30 17:04:36
Looking forward to the Dyno numbers on this thing.
2011-08-30 17:07:28
It looks like one kind of a hell engine...

Hope to see it on the dyno, see that numbers and that awesome VVL killer powerband...

Just to know how much compression are you going to use? what are the specs of the C3 Cams?

I want to see that in action!!!
2011-08-30 17:10:49
^^ THe Sr16ve pistons in a DE give a high 11.X compression ratio. I can't remember the exact number but its been gone over on the forum.
2011-08-30 17:15:55
Ok i know that the SR16VE pistons with tock Headgasket and no shaving will give 11.8:1 CR but i think that cams deserve more CR... so i thought that engine could get a 0.2mm shave to get the CR a little higher or dont know...

Are you planing on using the 11.8:1 CR that the SR16 would give you?
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