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Thread: Sr16de

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2011-08-01 08:43:38
Just curious, anyone ever put togther a SR16DE?

I know there is a lot of SR16 cranks and rods laying around from folks who upgraded and for someone with a restricted race category a SR16 block with a DE head could be a pretty mean little combo. Especially with a 54C head that's fully worked and there are so many options available ito cams etc. Also the DE can take more lift than the VE.

I know SR16VE is the bussiness but it's just a thought.
2011-08-01 08:59:28
I like that idea. 1600 with massive lobes no low end but nuts up the revs

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2011-08-01 22:06:30
imo its pointless to do anything under a 2.0, i've thought about the same thing tho, i think it would be "cool" but i dont think its logical.
2011-08-01 22:57:36
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
imo its pointless to do anything under a 2.0, i've thought about the same thing tho, i think it would be "cool" but i dont think its logical.

What happened to your friend's SR16VE?
2011-08-01 23:28:44
He's still puttin it around, I do his oil changes an he's put about 30-40k on it an its still running great!

Its still not very fast tho, I tryed to get him a 2.0 but he wanted to be different an get the whole 16 swap..
Come tax time he's getting a sr20ve an we're going to change alll the goodies over.. Should work nice with that 16 trans

I'm pretty sure even a really worked 16de would get stomped by a barely bolted on 20de
2011-08-01 23:31:39
People do other types of driving then drag racing i heard.
2011-08-01 23:37:20
I guess if your restricted to using a 1.6 then whatever go for it but I don't see that bein an issue over here since our cars come with 2 liters
2011-08-02 01:51:25
I have all of the parts to do this and was well on my way,, that is until I started doing some additional calculation. Without investing in custom pistons to get the compression ratio back the SR16VE Crank rods and pistons with a DE head only yield something like 9.8:1 compression. I have the worksheet somewhere and may be able to find it but just do the math. The short stroke couple with the larger combustion chamber of the DE make this combination less than optimal, unless you are going turbo, then I imagine that you could get the boost up early enough to help the torque.
2011-08-02 02:59:34
Lynch, what was his best time at the strip?

Rob, boost using the tiny rods of the 16ve?
2011-08-02 03:20:33
because the rod speed is so much lower you don't need big rods in a 16ve for big power.

the issue with a 16DE is having the proper engine management and proper intake/exhaust manifolds. velocity is totally different than a 20de
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