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Thread: Autech GTi -SR20DE UPDATES

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2012-01-22 05:48:04
nice setup man love the header,makes me wanna get my DE bak and building it to be a sleeper,have some k20s for lunch!lol good luck on gettiing to ur power goal man, n how many miles u got on that bottom end?
2012-01-22 19:16:25
The bottom end has done around 75K miles.

Should have some updates in a month or two, right now the Mazworx header has been removed while it has some modification work. I'm also attempting to modify a B18 Tri-Y header to compare against also.

At the moment im just running around with an SSAC header while this work is done.
2012-04-02 19:03:35
Finally, B18 Big Tube Tri-Y Header modified and fitted.

Probably wont dyno/tune this new header until the new setup is together, when i can test it against my modified Mazworx peice.

Currently collecting parts for a 13:1CR SR20DE build using my CP pistons and 60mm tapered SR20DE roller barrel ITB's.

My Janspeed worked highport cylinder head will be undergoing some further intake work to match the roller throttles.

I could and should have gone VE a long time ago, but i quite like this uncommon 200hp+ DE territory!

Thanks for looking.
2012-04-02 22:33:14
Header looks good! How hard it was to modify it? I like future setup, you should post pics of ITBĀ“s.
2012-04-03 05:23:56
what type of ITB setup is it you are running?
2012-04-03 15:58:02
can u try to get a vrz str8/cross member? theres a extra piece on it that would help protect the header
2012-04-03 18:18:00
Having been in contact briefly via email with IES here in the UK, I believe the roller barrel ITB's came from the 1997/98 reverse head SR20 engine that was developed by IES in the UK.

Prior to those dates i am told they used slide type or butterfly ITB's on the SR.

The cylinder head i am using is an early Janspeed highport head from 1994. This head is not assosicated with IES as i first thought. From what i can gather this head was used in F2 Rallying on the N14 Sunny or in the early Janspeed Primera british touring cars. IES didnt have involvment until 96/97 onwards.

As you can see from the picture below, i need to peice together relevant parts for the ITB's, throttle linkage, TPS, fuel rail, trumpets etc to make them complete. So thats something im working on.

I also have possession of a set of used SR20DE Nismo camshafts that were aquired at the same time as the ITB's. These will be measured and possibly tested at some point.

@Thor, yeah would be nice to have a bit of extra protection from the Engine bparty. Although to be honest i've done okay upto now, i guess i have got used to crawling over speed humps etc due to having a low car with the fiberglass Autech front bumper (see first post) and Mazworx header. Doesnt take much to break these things!

2012-04-04 04:49:33

It's interesting you bring up the nismo camshaft. I stumbled across something the other day that was very interesting. Evidently you can purchase "Nismo" cams for the SR20, but the neat thing about them is that they are factory blanks provided by Nismo for the engines machinist/builder to grind to each engines custom specification. Really neat. I am VERY happy to see someone is still pushing it with the DE.

I would agree that the ITB manifold was probably used for the reverse head that was engineered, as they are just a straight ram setup ( kind of like the K series here in the states and probably elsewhere).

This should be an interesting build? Im not for sure if you have mentioned it but what will the bottom end consist of?
2012-04-04 04:51:01
Furthermore Autech..

We need to clone ( build more ) of that manifold..

2012-04-04 13:41:40
1. I thought you are using JWT C3 cams right now.

2. I also believe the Nismo cams you order from the Nissan Motorsports catalogues are nothing but JWT S3 cams. (Check the part number and you will see S3 in the part number) Same with the Nismo sway bars. They are Suspension Techniques. Common practice for Nissan to use something else someone already created, slap Nismo on it and collect a premium.

C3 > S3

I follow this build very closely and I appreciate your efforts, sir.
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