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Thread: Autech GTi -SR20DE UPDATES

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2011-09-06 15:27:39

217 BHP@Flywheel
177 WHP

This is a 20hp gain on this dyno since it was last tuned!

The old results from DEC 2010 were:

Its was later dyno'd earlier this year at HLM's dynojet with no changes and made:

Notice how the dynojet gives a considerably higher WHP reading. I'd love know exactly what it will put down now on a dynojet...dare i even guess - I suspect around 225bhp/206whp.

I have since fitted/changed the following parts to get to where i am now:

KSR Intake Manifold
UR Crank and Water Pump Pulley
Sard FPR
3" Intake Pipe
Cam timing adjustment

As you can imagine im very happy with the results.

A quick snap shot on the dyno -
2011-09-07 08:05:36
2011-09-07 08:40:55
Not bad for those mods.
2011-09-07 08:55:59
Nice power for a DE for sure. Keep up the good work.
2011-09-07 11:39:30
Originally Posted by SR20-AUTECH
For ECU management im uning the factory ECU with a Dastek Unichip.

More South African engineering powering the SR20s

Well done. I think a 200whp DE will feel a lot stronger to drive than a 200whp VE personally.

That intake seems to work quite nicely. Good job.
2011-09-07 14:33:49
Cheers guys, yeah this was a good step forward in getting the torque holding further into higher RPM.

Im only revving out to 7450 and power peaks at 7000rpm.

I think a specced header (specifically, shorter primaries) for this setup will allow me to make more power at higher RPM, and i will make over 210whp/230 crank. I guess thats the next step, along with an 8000rpm rev cut.

The best part about it all, is that the motor is all cylinder head/breathing mods. I havent touched the factory DE Autech bottom end yet. It is essentially a bolt on motor thus far.
2011-10-17 15:02:56
Small update:

The car just ran 13.84@100mph on street tyres.

I also ditched the KSR intake manifold, and went back to the stock one.
2011-10-17 15:24:04
that car is sexii .
2011-10-17 16:54:13
Congrats on the numbers that car is moving for a de. Any reason you ditch that intake manifold?
2011-10-17 18:36:03
Originally Posted by 1sentra-se-r
Congrats on the numbers that car is moving for a de. Any reason you ditch that intake manifold?

Yeah, basically i managed 14.4@96 with it on and a few dyno pulls later on a dynojet showed some considerable torque loss.

The graph below shows the old stock intake manifold (186whp/157ftlb) vs the KSR intake manifold tune (180whp/143ftlb)....

The KSR intake manifold will probably be modified and retested at a later date along with a different spec header.

For now and my current rev limit, the mazworx header and stock intake mani work pretty well together.

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