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Thread: Autech GTi -SR20DE UPDATES

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2012-04-06 16:44:56
love it lil frank
2012-04-07 02:08:13
Originally Posted by jagy
Did you read it? I did said nothing about JWT/Nissan Motorsports cams. I was talking about Nismo cams, no rebranded JWT cams sold by Nissan Motorsports USA. It has nothing to do with Japan Nismo cams.... got it?

Calm down.

Measurements over attitude would be more useful.
2012-04-07 03:27:18
good to see someone putting some love on a DE... especially because the tq curve doesn't compare to most of the stock VE's out there when it comes to whp-tq comparo.

keep it up bro... it would be sweet to see a 250whp DE rappin VE's really hard and then driving it home
2012-04-07 16:36:49
Originally Posted by SR20-AUTECH
Cheers dude, would like to hear more about that ITB DE setup and management.

With the Tri-Y, when modified and routed this way, Primary 1 and 4 end up being slightly shorter by around 2-3" i believe.

The big tube Tri-y header has stepped primaries that are 1.75",1.875", 2.0" O.D.

The secondaries are 2.1".

Thanks for the sizes. Also, did you merge 1&2 and 3&4 or did u do the regular 1&4 and 2&3 pairing?

Sure I'll drop you a pm with my email if you want to discuss the DE itb setup.
2012-04-10 12:59:43
the pairing is 1&2 then 3&4
2012-04-10 13:11:04
Originally Posted by mera
the pairing is 1&2 then 3&4

Do you think it will affect it much if 1&2 are longer than 3&4 and they are paired that way?


Lets assume 1&2 are similar length and 3&4 are similar length, would you pair them that way or rather pair say 1&3 and then 2&4 to get one long and one short primary together?
2012-04-11 12:16:19
Yeah as said, its paired 1&2, 3&4.

I dont imagine 2" is going to make too much difference. Its not perfect, but as close as i could get.
2012-06-16 18:02:06
So i finally got around to modifying my Mazworx header, so it now has 10" shorter primaries and a smaller choke diameter.

Here is what i ended up with:

*I have also recently changed over to a VE head on this car. I'll start a new thread in the VVL section soon once the car is running.
2012-06-16 18:06:58
what cams in the vvl head?
2012-06-16 18:22:23
Blood, i got hold of a 16VE motor, so i'll be using the stock 16VE cams and also 16VE pistons.

Edit: Follow my VE head swap here:- http://www.sr20-forum.com/vvl/59845-high-comp-16ve-headswap-motor-dynod.html
Last edited by SR20-AUTECH on 2012-07-10 at 19-50-34.
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