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Thread: Autech GTi -SR20DE UPDATES

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2010-11-04 22:17:27
The car:

The first engine upgrade to this car was swapping the original cylinder head for something a bit more special, along with some valvetrain goodies. Pictures from the head swap are below...

Removing the Autech SR20DE 53J Head

The Replacment Cylinder Head - This is a 53J head prepared and stamped by Janspeed. Its has some nice porting work done to it, and has modifications to improve oil flow around the head. Its also has a very heavy skim, netting a combustion chamber volume of 36cc (stock DE is 46.5cc).

Intake Manifold Clean up

Cylinder Head Refurb and Build up

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2010-11-04 22:43:53
nice work!

loving the janspeed head

did this used to be a 10:1 comp?

cause they dont look look like 10:1 pistons
2010-11-04 22:49:29
Sorry to be off-topic but You can use a VE cover on a DE? Does that eliminate the need for the OEM catch can?
2010-11-04 22:55:02
Very nice. What pistons are those? Ve ?
2010-11-04 23:13:53
Im patiently watching this build, because ive already started working on my own DE build and i want to make my lowport head similar to yours. Thanks for inspiration.
2010-11-04 23:14:21
they are Autech pistons basically flat top with notches, in the Autech motor they give 11.5:1 compression.

a VE rocker cover is the same as a Roller Rocker cover essentially and yes it allows you to remove the stock from catch can.
2010-11-04 23:44:35
is the autech head skimmed then cause surely the compression would be the same if they are just flat tops??
2010-11-05 16:30:44
yeah Autech head is skimmed
2010-11-05 17:21:02
Looks good. Excited to see how much power you pick up from just the headswap...
2010-11-09 14:02:12
yes boi
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