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Thread: Got my Coils

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2014-08-01 16:28:53
How are the FA500s holding up? I just got mine in for my B14. For some reason didn't see your setup before I ordered.
2014-08-01 19:01:03
Doing great no problems, I did have to stiffen up the rear seat since installing my wheels. Rear needs to be rolled and repaired so for now I just stiffen it up so it don't rub.
2015-01-11 06:29:49
Been working out of state and came back home to thaw out for a little. Installed a new seat into the car. Sonic Motors GS seat which is Bride knock off.

Then I picked up the Mojo Performance LS2 truck coil mount kit and harness. Just had to pin it for the RB20 and it fired right up. My HP levels feel like they did before the coils started to go south so a great upgrade for me. Dwell is set to 3.5-4.0 for the moment , The seat really makes the car come alive when your not sliding out of it going around corners. Can't wait to get on the track and test out the seat/wheel combo some time later this year before I go to the SR20VET.

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2015-02-24 04:59:30
Drove the car last week as I passed back into town before heading to Vegas to work. The Coils work great! but enough about them. I had my head lights sent out to get retrofitted for HID.

Hopefully I can save enough for the paint and body work along with buying another daily and building my VET and getting my NX on the road lol.
2015-02-24 05:19:18
Who did the retrofit?
2015-02-24 05:34:28
silviaks2nr he is on Zilvia.net and HID planet but I don't remember his name on HID planet. He did a great job as always.
2015-02-28 16:07:39
sup andy, didn't know you were going vet on the 240, I thought the ve was for the nx hah
2015-03-01 03:20:25
I have a VE for the NX it's just going to stay NA. Turbo VE+T fer Real Wheel Drive lol.
2015-03-01 04:03:38
2015-03-22 06:26:54

I need to make a bumper support now lol. It sags but with the clear lens it more noticeable now. I'll take pics of the cut off tomorrow.
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