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Thread: Got my Coils

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2013-09-02 21:06:34
Forgot to update this. The 20 trans lost the shift selector for 5th gear . I thought for sure I would have killed a gear if anything. So my plan is to get it rebuilt and sell it because I want some money back. I upgraded to a RB25DET transmission since it was just a few hundred more than the RB20 one. I plan to use the RB25 trans on my SR so I guess no 6speed when I swap to the VE+T next year.
Trans about to come out. bye bye RB20 close ratio fun.
25 trans about to go in, Fuk it's heavy.
all bolted up and ready to go. borrowed my friends RB25 S13 drive shaft but it was just too short so I had one made to fit.

So far this thing is taller than my old RB20 . Ohh well I have 5th gear again. I also need to take the cat out because I have a feeling they installed it backwards!!! the floor board is just getting way too hot. I have a few leaks around the intake manifold that I'll be fixing soon and just spent some money on new cross drilled and slotted rotors and HPS pads. Have to make sure I can break after the long straight when I take it to the road course.
2013-09-30 23:01:06
Didn't get around to the meth this weekend. I did however get around to doing some brake work. Changed all 4 rotors and the front calipers. My old 28mm's might have been fine but I just wanted to get some new brakes up front. Got the 30mm iron calipers now and bedded the pads in yesterday, might need to do it once more but they feel great so far.

Before I had a hard time locking up the brakes at all, now it's golden . Almost ready to hit the track in Nov! just need my rims I ordered many months ago or get new tires on the skyline wheels.
2013-11-26 09:13:18
Small update, Took the car to the west coast sr20 convention and had fun. Vids below of 2 of my sessions. only went out 3 times because I thought I fuked something up on my car lol. Turned out to be motor mount gone bad and steering shaft rubbing on Downpipe.

After the convention found that my water pump was leaking. So had to pull it off and reseal it and this time let it sit for 24hours before I filled it back up and start to drive it again. Also noticed the car felt slower at the given boost range. Took it back to the dyno to see if I'm crazy and I wasn't. Lost some power, car sits @ 368whp @ 18psi with the Cat in place and 386 open downpipe. Not sure wtf caused my loss of power since I'm not getting blow by or burning oil or coolant. Ohh well it's still fun to drive, I guess I'll just keep looking till I find the problem or my VET is ready to go in.

2013-11-27 11:37:00
cool car bro. glad you got to and from the convention "issue" free.

more details on that VET Build please!
2013-11-27 12:12:28
I have mostly everything now to start building the long block. I picked up a S13 short block 3 weeks ago for steal of a price. I need to get some more money to order some Mazworxs Main studs and 1/2 head studs. Not sure what turbo I'm going to run yet tho. With the price hike on the Precession turbo's I might just have to spend the extra and get a Garret GTX turbo. I want to shoot for 600whp on race gas and 450ish on pump gas with this setup.
2013-12-08 03:52:38

Just a short vid of me doing a drag launch with the federal RS-R tires. They were pretty warm since I had to drive to get to this spot. Way better than my old shit tires I had before lol. I love traction.
2013-12-20 23:02:48
Well it took for EVAR but my wheels came in. Missed the date I needed them by tho.

Then I tried the fronts on. Was a little worried about clearance from the coil over to fit 255's up front.

only bad part is that they are rubbing on the caliper damn these 30mm 300zx brakes. I just put in an order for some 3mm spacers. When I get money to spare again I'll go get some tires. 255's up front and 275's out back .
2013-12-30 09:12:19
The 3mm hub centric spacer came in and did the trick. Tested the rears and didn't need them in the rear, I knew that tho lol.

I put the 17x9+25 in the rear just to see how it fit and it was fine.
2013-12-30 10:58:34
Wheels look great man you added a cat to a turbo car and wonder why you lost power lol.
2013-12-30 11:07:38
Wasn't expecting it to be that much for a self proclaimed high flow cat lol.
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