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Thread: Got my Coils

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2012-11-25 08:58:16
It makes smoke now with the AEM S2. Was a little bit of a pain in the ass to get it to run but its starts now. More calibrations need to be done tho.
2013-04-21 04:10:42
So I hit the dyno today with the same numbers safer tune by far but same numbers. 398whp @ 280lbs of TQ on SAE correction. Max boost was 18.5 lbs. Car really needs and alignment, @ 15psi it's just won't stay straight as the RPM's climb. I won't even bother to try 18psi till I get it done next week. For some reason the dyno RPM is off? my revlimit was 8000. Ohh well Not 400SAE hp but close enough for me to try and enjoy. Im sure when it gets cooler it will be @ 400whp lol.
2013-04-27 12:58:48
nice numbers man, that should be fun to drive!
2013-04-27 21:54:38
With the 6.5" rear tires and my crappy alignment not fun but scary @ only 15psi.
2013-04-28 09:15:45
2013-05-05 06:25:42

Went back to the dyno to do a little more clean up on my cruise map. While I was at it did another pull since it was cooler out and I got the alignment done today. Car isn't so scary now, only scary part was how badly out of alignment it was lol.
2013-05-11 07:12:29
Car is running great I can now drive it @ 15psi and not fear for my life. Tires spin and car keeps straight . Next issue is the kitty kat, I don't have one and wanted to get the car tuned 1st before I got one installed. I picked up the Vibrant Hiflow ODB1 cat on Ebay and got it shipped out to me.

Going to get it installed prob next week. I hate to see bald eagles fall out of the sky and unicorns lay dead in the street because of my car. Going to try and drive it at 18psi after I get comfortable with the 15psi boost level. To be honest 15 psi is good enough for me at this point.... man I'm getting old.
2013-05-18 04:16:59

I spit the hot fire.
2013-05-22 11:09:22
cool vidz! keep em coming... i bet you miss going sideways under power... even if its just a lil bit
2013-05-24 05:41:46
Don't miss it at all, the car was very unpredictable. It felt like it wanted to kill me when it got into boost. On the FWY it was very scary because I just didn't know when it would want to go left or right. Now it's predictable and I can catch it before things get out of hand.
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