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Thread: Got my Coils

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2012-07-13 22:16:26
Got my Coils
Got my Coils today but I still feel too lazy to go install all the stuff onto the car . Anyways Fortune Auto 500's with the swift springs 8k/6k with longer rear housings. If you don't ask for them you can slam your ride to stance nation standards. I wanted a nice drop but not slammed. My friend has the Gen 3's on his S14 and it's lowered down just right. I'll be going a little bit higher since I have a greddy front lip on mine. Here is a pic of my old 240 which is his 240 now lowered on the Fortune Auto's with longer rear housings.

2012-07-14 06:47:08
First...Hahaha nice man!! I need to find a front lip or bumper my FMI sticks down like 2,3 inches....
2012-07-14 07:31:03
SE lip will work too.
2012-07-14 18:02:08
Yeah I'm having a ruff time finding one..they either want too much or I'm too late...
Is that a navan bumper??
I'll probably just buy a fiberglass bumper but I'm still debating on which one....hehehe decisions decisions
2012-07-14 18:22:47
That's a real deal Nevan bumper. That's my friends car which use to be mine. It use to look like this.

It looked like that when I picked it up from another friend and stayed like that till I sold it to him. Then he got it painted and spent crazy money on that bumper side skirts and paint lol.
This one is mine.

2012-07-15 08:40:22
What style lip is that?
2012-07-15 19:18:56
Originally Posted by MIG_909
What style lip is that?

That's the Grex aka greddy front lip. They don't make it anymore but you can find them for sale still new on Ebay sometimes.
2012-07-17 07:26:34
Got off my lazy ass and installed the coils and arms today. I need to readjust the front tension rods then it will sit till I get it to a shop to adjust the height and dial in the alignment.

Tomorrow calls for final adjustment then I start on adding pins to the harness for my AEM S2, Take off intercooler pipe to add bung for air intake temp sensor, take bov apart because it's pissing me off.
2012-07-18 03:07:46
I don't know why when I saw coils I thought you meant ignition coils heheheh....
Looking good!!!
2012-07-18 05:16:44
LoL it's all good. I still need to adjust the front a little, the rear I might go up just a little more tho.

Also fixed my Blitz BOV today too. I duno how a small part of a paper towel got caught in it but it was stuck. Had to take the intercooler pipe off and take the BOV apart. Relube and put it on backwards!!. What ever It's venting to the atmosphere anyway. Messed around with my Nistune for a little bit then added 2 pins for the AEM map sensor and air intake temp sensor. Going to change out my master cylinder next week and repaint the brakes and add new rotors. . . But knowing me I'll just change the master and leave the brakes lol.
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