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Thread: s14 help

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2012-02-16 19:51:50
Haha the primera has tints, and a good sound system, nothing done mechanically!

How hard would it be to get the ECU to run the turbo?
2012-02-16 20:06:57
More work that it's worth really. The turbo motor run coil on plug. The N/A motor uses a distributor. Thus you need a turbo harness and ecu for the turbo motor. You could put the turbo on the NA motor but It won't be as reliable as a factory turbo motor without work. you would need to use the turbo injectors on the NA and get a the ecu tuned with a map for turbo so you don't kill the pistons. Simple setup would be to find somone in AUS with a S14 engine harness and ecu so all you do is plug and play.

Is the motor a S14 SR20det? or a S13 SR20det?
2012-02-16 20:08:37
It's an s14 SR20DET I would definately prefer to get a factory turbo as opposed to the sr20de + t
2012-02-16 20:11:43
Assuming your market for used ECUs is not totally dry, it shouldn't be too hard to find a used RWD SR20DET ECU and harness. If that's what you were asking.
2012-02-16 20:19:54
I would probably have to import the ECU.. there are a couple on our version of "Ebay" but I think importing would probably be the way to go..
2012-02-16 20:22:47
Try the local forum in AUS I can't think of the name off the top of my head but it's a huge forum. you should be able to find someone with a used harness and ecu.
2012-02-16 20:30:38
Will do!

So I like the idea of SR20Dets. and I want to learn more about engines.. I am now looking at a budget and thinking an s14 may be out... What about older primeras? The only problem is they are FWD... Would it just be better to set aside money saving for the s14?
2012-02-16 20:52:28
If you wanted to get started, and the FWD platform is what you can afford, then that's not a bad way to go. 90% of us on this forum are working with FWD SR20-powered chassis.
The enthusiast in my would recommend you wait and save up for the Silvia, but you would gain just as much experience working with a Primera instead. It may be the most practical route to take if money is tight. You can avoid the drift tax.

You could also just start working on your own daily vehicle. Instead of buying another Primera? I guess you don't want to swap in the SR20DET on the daily though... Lots of down time.
2012-02-16 20:56:56
The main issue I have is I can't really be without a vehicle... I am tempted to save for the s14 and make it my prized posession.. That is really what I am after, a car that looks good, drives well and also one that I can say I have done the majority of the work on.. The other problem with playing with my daily car is if I cock it up then that could be me out for 6 weeks.. with a second car if I cock it up, it gives me a new challenge.. if you know what I mean
2012-02-16 21:04:30
Save for the S14 hands down way more aftermarket potential. Keep the primera stock and just use it to get from A to B. When you want to get from A to Z in .4 seconds then jump into the S14. You will need one car that will not fail you so you can get to work/school ect. You could try with the S14 but when u start to learn things you make mistakes along the way. Once you start to add parts and the car gets faster this narcotic like feeling gets a hold of you and u just want to go faster and faster and faster then something breaks on you lol.
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