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Thread: rb25det s13

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2010-06-12 00:46:55
rb25det s13
okay im selling my sentra and getting a s13 couple (shell) for 500 bucks im also looking into potential swaps. kinda getting board with the sr20 at this second (4 se-r build) anyways im looking into a rb25 swap into an s13 is this a huge headache and should i do the sr or is it fairly straight forward swap with minor mods (mounts,steering arm,trans brace,etc..) any input on this would be greatly appreciated
2010-06-12 01:32:48
There's two headaches money and wiring.if you have the money and good at wiring then it ain't a headache.there are kits available for the swap co
es with everything. To mount the engine including the driveshaft.get an r33 crossmember i believe.same Yer r chassis as your s.buy a new vc gasket timing chain cam gears water and oil pump and other basic parts went you're doing the swap.kit also comes with a downpipe i believe.slim fans are a must. Good radiator.new tstat might be better off.get the service manual for your car and the year of the rb yo Planning to swap.clutch setup flywheel.rb tachometer. Use the rb ecu unless your goin wit an aem unit.make sure you have Relli tough front suspension for the more weight added to your front. Ic piping Im not sure of.recommend buying a clip so you'll have everything you need plus more.get relli good tires you're gonna needthem.if i left anything out please someone post it.
2010-06-12 02:05:34
I just finished an sr swap into an s13. Aside from repinning the wiring harness it is a piece of cake. Not too familiar with the rb swap but if you have any questions about the sr swap let me know.
2010-06-13 17:27:30
Sr swap iz way Easier than swapping to A bless expensive too.cheapest would be doing a ca18det swap
2010-06-13 19:41:36
okay i was looking around price wise and i for a 89 240 coupe (400$) also i just ordered an s13 silvia front clip with the black top sr20 for 2400$ and i still have 300 buck to play with from selling my det sentra so im going that route also doing the rhd conversion so "gunnartalon" ill need some advise i get the car tomaro and i should get the clip by wensday im so stoked finnaly a rwd
2010-06-13 21:46:19
RB2X into a S13 is easy to wire it up, into a S14 is a little more challenging. You can mount the motor with a Mount kit or the stock Skyline crossmember into the S13. You will need a new drive shaft for the S13 since the RB25 trans isn't like the Rb20 trans which uses the same drive factory drive shaft as the S13-S14. You should also buy a new water pump, timing belt, tensioner and idler pulley before you install the motor into the car. Greddy intake manifold + FMIC+ 12psi should get you 300whp or very close to it. If you don't feel like doing the harness there is a company called Blkboxtuning that can convert the harness for you. I had him do the one for my RB20 into my S14.
2010-06-17 21:22:27
So what's the story with this thing?
2010-06-23 05:27:09
waiting to save up a little more and get a better s13 shell ran short on cash and i didnt like the one i was looking at to much rust
2010-06-23 05:30:47
Bummer. There are lots of rust free shells down here! Are you still planning the SR or did you decide on an RB?
2010-06-23 12:11:51
Go LS lol
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