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Thread: Raffle information for SR2017

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2017-04-12 14:35:19
Raffle information for SR2017
FYI: Raffle is a little different this year...

The raffle this year will be help in the same process as the Nismo Fiesta raffle is held. You will be able to buy raffle tickets in person or via PayPal for $2 each and designate which bucket they go in for the raffle. The typical is not a Forrest Gump style raffle where you never quite know what you're going to get.

So, have your cash ready and you can tell us how many tickets and which bucket they go into. we have some very nice prizes as well as well as some things that can't be mentioned till I have them in hand that are being revealed at the SR20 Convention specific to our cars.

I will have pics and bucket numbers for everyone to be able to make your selections.

PayPal ID is [email]jhall1965@gmail.com[/email]
2017-04-19 09:52:39
I received some raffle information!

Jon also sent me a ton of pics of the items but they're not hosted anywhere. I can no longer access those types of sites at my work and I'm now convinced it cannot be done through my phone lol. I'm sure the pics can be seen on FB...

If ANYONE would like to help get these pics hosted somewhere so they can be viewed by the masses, it would be greatly appreciated! PM me!
Here's the info so you can post it on the forum.

The raffle will be held as follows:

$2.00 per ticket per ticket. The raffle will be Sunday between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM CST on April 30, 2017

If you are not attending the SR2017 Convention you will be able to send a PayPal payment to [email]jhall1965@gmail.com[/email] and specify which bucket you would like to have your raffle ticket placed into. Please add PayPal fees as necessary or send as a gift.

I will in turn take a picture of the ticket or tickets and email it to you so you know what your ticket numbers are. The ticket numbers will be called out live on FB. Non-attendees will be responsible for shipping costs.

The following items are in my hands with a few more items to come.
I will update as the information comes available.

Autotech Motoring

1/8" BSPT, Oil Pressure Sensor Adapter, Dual 1/8" NPT – 1 available

Nissan FWD/AWD Solid Shifter Stabilizer Mount – 1 available

Lower intake manifold injector seats SR20 VVL – 1 set


Shift pattern ice molds, key chain and $10 discount coupon – 10 sets

CG Keytags – SR2017 Convention Keytags – 10 available


B13/B14 Wilwood brake set-up 11.0” rotors – 1 available

Gspec Performance

SR20VE Pulley Set – 2 available

Jack Hall

Official Nissan GTR T-shirt – 1 available XL

Jay Michaud

SR20-forum license plate frames (last ones in existence)– 10 available

Jim Wolf Technology – SR20 Adjustable Cam Sprocket Set – 1 available

Loco Performance

B13 Sentra Radiator Cooling panel – 1 available

P11 G20 Skid Plate – 1 available

Marsh Tuning

SR20VET Head gasket – 2 available


NEMU2 ECU – 1 available

Nisstec Lifts

Heps Designs Headrest Hook – 2 available

Nisstec T-shirts – 4 available XL Size

Performance Plus

T-shirts – Random sizes – 4 available

Metal Art Custom Trophies were also made by this awesome sponsor.
2017-04-19 18:46:16

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2017-04-19 23:33:46
Thanks Dave!!!
2017-04-25 17:30:32
Sent money for raffle tickets! WEWT!
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