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Thread: Convention Roommate Thread

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2016-07-22 23:19:17
Convention Roommate Thread
Need a room or roommate (and aren't on Facefuck)? Post here...
2016-07-23 03:07:58
Cheap rooms... The Sanford Arms Hotel - South Jersey
2016-07-30 15:10:07
I don't need a room per se, I'm considering arriving Friday evening and sleeping in the Pathy. Problem is if I have to drop a deuce my body DOES NOT like to wait, and I ain't going in the woods or public restroom.

Anyone willing to leave their room key with me overnight Friday in the event I need to #2? Typically this would occur in the AM shortly after waking, but if I can't sleep well (which may be likely sleeping in the car) my system could activate at any time through the night and I'll come storming in. And I'll be honest up front, it probably won't be pretty and I have been known to clear a room or two.

Let me know, and thanks in advance.
2016-07-30 18:01:17
hahah they have shitters in the lobby man
2016-07-30 22:01:53
Originally Posted by morgans432
hahah they have shitters in the lobby man

Yeah, but no public restrooms. Maybe I should just bring a bucket full of mothballs.
2016-07-31 03:53:08
Create diversion so the person at the front desk is confused and wander right I'm there.
2016-07-31 04:13:35
I was listening to Howard Stern a few months back and he was talking about how the women's public bathroom at hotels is absolutely the worst, because of the small size of most hotel rooms, the girlfriend or wife is afraid to go #2 around her husband, so they go down to the lobby and do it there.

That is of course, if you believe that females even do #2. I lived with my ex g/f for 5 years and never ONCE was she in the bathroom for more than 30 seconds around me.
2016-07-31 04:20:59
I'll help lol...But not for a room key/bathroom buddy
2016-07-31 04:29:56
We call those "salad shooters"
2016-07-31 12:47:38
Originally Posted by 1fastser
I'll help lol...But not for a room key/bathroom buddy

Aww, c'mon. It will only be like 30-40 minutes and I'll be as quiet as possible. Just hope you're not in there when I have to be.
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