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Thread: Pictures thread, please feel free to post.

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2015-06-21 23:20:27
Pictures thread, please feel free to post.
I had a fun time and will slowly process, caption, and upload photos here. As usual, I apologize if I missed your car. Maybe other photos posted here can help. Please help identify others as well.

Here is Omar aka @92_sEnAtRa Best B13 and Best In Show.

Huge Cheese-eating grin on Omar, well done, sir.

Banner hung in the karting track.

Track from the grand stand.

These were the best karting times of the day. Congrats to @SR20GTi-R @SE-Rawkus @shortcut10 @Re-spect (I assume is curry rican?) @1fastser and turboga16 (Anthony, nice to meet ya, sir). SK is a prefix applied to members of the facility using a faster kart aka SuperKart. (one of them was terrorizing the field for hours but Jamie Marsh @still dropped a faster average lap time than the SK guy)

Here are some awards....
Very elegant and tasteful trophies once again this year.

Best P10

@StangG20 aka ManicMike aka 11.5 @ 123MPH

Best P11

Cameron or Cam'ron, I forget forum name and apologize, sir. Nice to see you again this year.

Best NX

I forget her forum name, grrrr!!! Congrats Kristen!

Best B14

Faizel @Re-spect

Best B15 @B15SentraYo

Fastest N/A All-Motor monster.
Justin @blackb13se-r (with Rob @SE-Rican at the helm to boot!!!)

Fastest Turbo car went to @morgans432 running 20PSI on a stock DE I believe until a piston developed a hole. He will recover and hopefully hit 30 PSI as that was his goal this time. No photo as Alex was not present but that was a damn good show for the crowd.

Matt Kempe Award @boostednx Aaron

2nd Annual "You Ain't Shit" award provided by Rich
Rose @Wheelz Best Lady. She is the "kick" to Wheelz' "ass" (see what I did there?) and always providing top notch loyalty and devotion to the Conventions and providing help with other folks. A truly selfless individual. You have no idea how many times I can look out the window of my hotel room and see Rose helping someone out.

Here is a fun scenario where a snap-on cordless impact (with the little snap ring) came off the track or race for the snap ring and became jammed with a Harbor Freight socket. A forty-five minute battle ensued with attendees the winner of course.

Parking Lot Photos -
@Kyle and @blckse-r Jason H.




Thanks to @Madtec Ralphy for helping making this happen and providing a very fun time for myself and many others. Thanks to Manny @SE-Rawkus , Louie @LOUROK , and Rob @SE-Rican for helping out and providing another successful time out together. I look forward to seeing my friends and fellow SR20 family members next year and many to follow.
Last edited by Kyle on 2015-06-23 at 17-25-16.
2015-06-22 00:51:35
heres a vid from FB(not mine) https://plus.google.com/photos/112365802508687362628/albums/6162826801799335745?authkey=CPDRg5Pwy9z1vgE
2015-06-22 01:41:14
Here is one of the few i took lol

2015-06-22 10:58:57
2015-06-22 11:03:37
Nice! Congrats Omar!

2015-06-22 12:37:52
@Madtec @Keo
2015-06-22 14:02:59
2015-06-22 15:03:47
Good work Kyle, I'll get a few pics up later today.
2015-06-22 15:39:41
Good pics Kyle. Thanks. Good seeing u all again this year.
2015-06-22 16:46:40
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