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Thread: Summit Point Raceway Track Event

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2015-02-23 15:21:07
Sounds to me like the bigger $$$$ maker won and the little guy got tossed to the side. Ever thought of an Auto-X event? I know it may seem boring as compared to a track day but just the same it'll test you're skills at how much you really know your car, can you handle it?

Just a thought...
2015-02-26 20:06:26
Renting an Auto-X event would be flipping awesome. The only one that does Auto-X in my area is BRR SCCA( SCCA Blue Ridge Region) Sadly they are in Virginia tech that weekend: June 20 & 21: Points Event #5 & #6: Virginia Tech
2015-02-26 21:55:41
maybe i can talk to my buddy but they might be at fedex field that weekend.
2015-02-27 16:42:10
@Madtec, any word or progress on this?? Need a helping hand with any of it??
2015-02-27 17:22:01
That sucks. I probably wouldn't be able to do the road event, but it's fun to watch.

Now...West Virginia has some nice long mountain roads...
2015-02-28 14:11:48
Any update at all or shal we consider this event missing again from the Convention roster?
2015-03-13 00:13:05
Seems like this is going to be TWO years in a row that we won't have a track event.

Do we need to find a different location / state?

2015-03-13 16:57:12
Originally Posted by 95g
Seems like this is going to be TWO years in a row that we won't have a track event.

Do we need to find a different location / state?


OK ---- Received responses from the other thread.
From what they say, the TRACK EVENT on Friday is CANCELLED.
That is a complete disappointment. Looks like this will be the 2nd year in a row I won't be attending the convention.
Have fun fella's.

Unfortunately as our cars get older, more and more people drop out of the game. Hate to see the conventions become extinct.

I sure hope the 2016 Convention will have a track day. Hint, hint, hint. The Dirty South has no less than 4, yes 4 tracks within a few hours of each other. And yes, Road Atlanta --- arguably one of the best in the world. AMP - which was our 2013 event. Barber in Alabama and Roebling Road in Savannah (circa SR2009). Atlanta is the world's busiest airport so you can absolutely find a flight no matter where you live. Though it's a drive for the Midwest and Northeast folks.

Again, Have a good time fella's. Be safe
2015-03-13 18:07:05
Originally Posted by LOUROK
Any ideas welcomed
Is the only issue the lack of instructors?
I honestly thought for the past few years we had basically provided our own instructors with maybe one or two exceptions? Maybe I'm wrong?
We have enough experienced track participants that I believe we could easily cover the novices with instructors from our own group.

Is that an option? If so, then we should be all set, right?

(Maybe I shouldn't get into this, but we have some novices, and a bunch of advanced drivers/instructors. The thinnest group is the intermediate group. I understand that for logistic reasons we still run an intermediate group, but from what I've seen the intermediate folks are (with one or two exceptions that really belong in novice still) perfectly capable to run with the advanced group. At some point in our evolution it might make sense to run one group for novices, and two for the advanced/instructors with no real intermediate run group. Our "club" moves very slowly promoting or encouraging people to move from intermediate to advanced. We also move very slowly in expecting people to instruct. From my personal observations almost everyone who runs intermediate is well above that level now. I'm not saying everyone who is an advanced driver is suited to instruct, but you will be surprised at how much you have to offer to a novice once you get into the car with one. Sorry for getting so off topic.)
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2015-03-13 18:27:57
I can already call on a few instructors. Just haven't heard anything yet from Madtec.
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