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Thread: Official dates, times, and places for the key party.

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2015-03-16 21:29:51
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
So if I understand correctly the circuit track has been taken back for an SCCA event? Is there really anything tying us to Summit then? Sounds like focusing on the MD area may be better. We are still months out so realistically cant we just change the venues?

I believe the closest ones are NJ and VIR.
2015-03-16 22:08:41
I find this ironic that one week prior to our previous planned engagement of June 19th, Summit Point has a FATT (Friday At The Track) event on June 12th that is open to everyone.

Calendar | Summit Point Motorsports Park
2015-03-16 23:52:35
As I mentioned before, we should piggy back off of a fatt
2015-03-17 01:23:02
Would it be hard to reschedule for june 12th? It's still far away enough that hotel reservations shouldn't be too bad. Plus we have a ton of highway side hotels on 81.
2015-03-17 01:40:37
I say let's reschedule! There were several mentions in the last thread about piggy backing off a FATT. As I said, I am willing to lend a helping hand, but you need to get your ducks in a row before I start trying to pull instructors.

Also, piggy backing off another established event (which has not only been mentioned by myself, but by other individual who actually do trackdays and who have race licenses) is the way to go! We just need to get the ball rollling NOWWWW!

As I said, I have atleast 1-2 instructors I can pull of the bat, so please instead of leaving us in the dark, allow the community to come together and help Ralphy! There is a big need for the trackday, so lets make it happen! Again, I am willing to ante up for my spot.
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2015-03-17 01:44:04
If we are able to reschedule for the weekend before it would fall on my birthday, and that would be a hell of a party... Just sayin'
2015-03-17 02:45:44
A reschedule looks to be a good option. Wouldnt that mean @JKTUNING can make it?
2015-03-17 02:49:28
yes! Let this reschedule gain some momentum!
2015-03-17 03:12:07
Any chance of a reschedule would be ideal.
2015-03-17 10:23:00
May need a separate post to check. I'm sure some people have problems getting time off and already are approved for current dates.
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