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Thread: Pitt Race Kart Track Rental

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2014-05-21 12:58:07
Pitt Race Kart Track Rental
Originally Posted by LOUROK
If you plan on participating for the karting day, please send payment of $99.00 to [email]sr2014.ohio@gmail.com[/email]

We need payments in advance for a down payment to secure the rental of the track day.



Well as most of you know we lost the track day at Nelsons Ledges due to several issues from track management to trac overall conditions and due to the owner simply not wanting to invest into the facility.

So with that being said the boys and I started scrambling around trying to find a solution and the only solution that may work is renting out Pitt Race's national level kart track. I hav edriven this track a handful of times and it is great. It is a handful to drive and yet tons of fun. The facility is equipped with Birel rental karts and they supply all the safety gear required (Helmet, Jacket, Neck Brace and Golves).

I spoke with the track manager and he gave me a few options as to how to run the day. We can run time trail races as individuals in groups or we can run a enduro style race which can be exciting and increase the level of compitition. The track can hold about 25 karts at one time. So this is going to be intense.

We have a strong feeling have a stong feeling that this will increase participation and at the same time be a lot of fun.

I need to let the track manager know if this will work by tomorrow so we can book the date. Please reply here is you are in and we will move forward. I just need a little more feedback from the forum.

The price of the kart day is set at $99 per person to particiapte. Please keep in mind this is not the typical indoor style track. This is a national level track.

Reply spread the word and if things fall into place I will book the track day tomorrow.

Thank you.

Karting Event Paid List
1. Torry (ezcheese15)
2. Kyle (formally known as viperdude)
3. Mark Schoenholz (fatboyse-r)
4. morgans432
5. Rush
6. Jay Michaud (eggman)
7. Jamie Marsh
8. Nathaniel Wainwright
9. John Heer
10. Shawn b
11. hammerin hank (purchased 2 spots)
12. hammerin hank
13. James McColl (spnx)
14. Matt Ostlund (paNX2K&SE-R)
15. Warren Ostlund
16. 1fastser
17. Michael Hegar JR
18. Socius (Andreas Villalobos)
19. Blair
20. squirlz
21. SE-Rawkus (Manny)
22. Jimithin7000
23. Kristin Bartecchi
24. Kristin Bartecchi (2nd spot)
25. Justin Woodham (NissanEgg)
26. Pat Klutch TheMechanic
27. Mark
28. Mark (Purchased 2nd spot)
29. Brandon Watkins (sr20de owner)
30. Aaron Chernok (weasleman50)
31. Ameen
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2014-05-21 14:28:36
How long would the enduro be? I assume it would be teams with driver changes/ fuel stops etc.?

If we choose the time trial as individuals option, how long would we have the track for?
2014-05-21 14:55:58
Im with it.
2014-05-21 15:05:55
Im in!
2014-05-21 15:26:10
I'm in for fun.

Watch out for the spiked shells.
2014-05-21 15:35:02
if it was enduro style, would there be a relaxed session here and there for the noobs?

Im sure my wife would like to get on the track but not if its some intense race environment.
2014-05-21 15:45:44
Makes me wana bring a whole bag full of banana peels and rock Mario Kart music thru headphones while running the course haha
2014-05-21 17:13:11
I am in.
2014-05-21 17:58:52
Fuck now I deft want to go!
2014-05-21 18:30:15
Originally Posted by MiguelsaysHELP!
Fuck now I deft want to go!

Arent you and the wife goin on a banana boat cruise?
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