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Thread: "Issues with Nelson Ledges"

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2014-05-19 08:47:27
Hey man don't sweat it family comes first- make that your #1 priority, you have a good crew around you and I'm sure others will gladly step in. They are just cars after all. Be there for your wife and don't worry about us
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2014-05-19 11:15:25
So what happened at Nelson? Why are all track events being canceled for this year?
2014-05-19 12:35:44
What a bum deal. I'm sure it will all work out...no changes for my 22hr drive!

@SE-Rican your family is in our prayers!
2014-05-19 12:41:46
Originally Posted by Chris101
So what happened at Nelson? Why are all track events being canceled for this year?

Very curious myself. Any updates Rob or Lou (apart from going with plan B). What were the reasons cited by Nelson??

I am going to make a few calls today to find out whats up!
2014-05-19 13:23:46
Originally Posted by paNX2K&SE-R
PittRace has nothing scheduled that day and I think I can come up with a contact there if you want.

Calendar of Events | Pittsburgh International Race Complex
No clue what plan B is, but this place looks like a good consideration based on proximity.
2014-05-19 13:40:54
Originally Posted by Blair
Not the case at all. There's been a bunch of drama there over the last week.

It's unfortunate but thankfully it's early enough to where we can do something about it and substitute. I had heard wind about Nelson through my miata group this weekend. All is good.
2014-05-19 13:57:38
Looks to be surface related at Nelson Ledges folks:

Nelson ledges closing?: Off-Topic Discussion forum: Grassroots Motorsports
2014-05-19 14:11:10
First off I want to ask everyone again to be patient with this situation.

I recieved a call on Monday from a friend who mentioned that he heard through the rumor mill that there was some management issues at Nelsons. I called my contact Kerrie Lane who has been working at Nelsons since the begining of time. The owner of the track without notifying Kerrie or Scott Lane leased the land to another so-called track manager names Todd K. who honestly has zero knowledge on how to manage a track. With that being said I just got off of a phone call and this person mentioned to me that Todd K. was also fired per say. So as of now Nelson Ledges has zero manager and zero staff because the staff walked when Kerrie and Scott were dismissed.

So in a nut shell the track is shut down. It has nothing to do with surface or any other jazz. Simply there is not one person at the moment to run the facility. This has not only affected us but, many other huge groups with a high end budget.

As for Pitt Race we simply can not afford to rent their track. Our group at the moment can not fund that. So the Plan B is to rent out the kart track for the day at Pitt Race. I am working out details to figure out a cost and time line for this with their track manager. It really is the only option we may have so let me see what we can do.

I know this may not jive with everyone but, we are one month away with almost zero options. I can not begin to explain the level of stress this has created. So again I ask everyone to please be patient as we attempt to sort this out.

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2014-05-19 14:12:26

I am trying to get this out before the rumor mill goes crazy. The following is my understanding on what transpired. And what may happen.

As most of you know the track surface has been in need of repairs. This past winter was brutal. During the May 3-4 Motorcycle weekend there were some damaged bikes due to loosened pieces of pavement. This MC group has been running monthly events at the track for many years. The head of the club was not satisfied with how Kerrie and Bryan addressed his concerns. (It seems there had also been some disagreements in the past).

On May 5 Todd Karom (MC guy) contacted Marv Drucker (track owner) and basically told him his club could not continue to run at the track unless some surface repairs were done. Since he felt he had gotten nowhere with current track management he also told Marv either they go or his club is gone. Marv apparently asked him if he had any ideas on who could take over. He said no. Marv asked Todd if he wanted the job and he accepted it (I am not sure if he really wants it, but he has been active at the track since that 80's and doesn't want to see it closed).

On May 6 Kerrie informed me of the change in management. She was not happy and I was in shock.

I waited until May 9 to see if anything might change. It didn't. I called Todd (now the manager) and discussed the situation. He knows motorcycles but not cars. He asked Sandi and I for help on the car events.

Things are chaotic but it currently looks as if 2014 will proceed as planned. Those of you looking at the website may have noticed the dropping of Fundays. They should be back on the schedule about the time I send this.

Regarding the track surface, Todd has a goal of making something (extent?) happen before his June motorcycle weekend.

I am trying to organize a meeting (I have Todd's approval) on either May 24 or 25 (Fundays) to discuss 2014 status as well as future years. Let me know if you want details once I have them. My idea is for an open meeting for anyone interested. I do not want it to be a "bitching" session, so don't attend if all you want to do is complain about what is now past history. Otherwise, I welcome ideas.

The biggest reason I am sending this is a request to all of you to answer any rumors in a responsible manner if you care about the future of our racetrack. Give 'change' a chance and don't ruin it with negative speculation. There are currently a lot of unknowns, but there may be a silver lining to this cloud.

I expect this email (and a couple others) to result in a deluge of emails and calls. I am leaving the country so don't expect any immediate replies. I have an all day meeting in Cleveland on Tuesday and will be in Canada from early Wednesday until very late Sunday.

Reed Kryder
2014-05-19 14:25:45
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
As for Pitt Race we simply can not afford to rent their track.
Cost of Nelson Ledges rental versus Pitt Raceway rental? More than twice the price? What kind of a gap would we be trying to cover?
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