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Thread: The Official 2014 SR20 National Convention Information Thread!

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2014-01-25 18:41:09
The Official 2014 SR20 National Convention Information Thread!
Updated as of 6-16-2014

2014 SR20 National Convention Convention
The Official Convention dates will be Thursday, June 19, 2014 through Sunday, June 22, 2014.

Hotel Info:

Reservations can be made starting February 5, 2014

For the 2014 Convention will be staying at the Holiday Inn located in Independence, Ohio (20 min south of Cleveland, Ohio). We have a meeting room set up for Wednesday, June 18, 2014. We are planning a very informal meet and greet. Pretty much some time to meet people and talk about the fun filled first ever 4 day weekend. As of right now we are thinking to start this meet and greet at or around 8:30 PM. Also for people flying in the Holiday Inn offers to and from shuttle service at no cost from Cleveland Hopkins Airport to the hotel. There is a shuttle bus that will travel back and forth from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (please call the hotel for exact details). There is plenty of parking (a lot bigger and more comfortable then 2012) for us and for those of you who may bring your cars on trailers the space is available. We are working on blocking out an area so we can be parked in the same general area. The cool thing about Independence, Ohio is that there is a lot to do locally including restaurants and some cool hangout locations. Also there is a bar with live music in the hotel so that we can start the shenanigans.

The hotel details are as follows. As of right now we have 20 rooms blocked off per night and more can be added if need be. The rooms have all been recently renovated. We have the choice of a single king size bed or two full size beds per room. The room rates are locked in at $92 a night plus tax. This rate will be available only if you book your rooms prior to May 19, 2014. After the cutoff date the rates will go up to the current going rate. So please get these rooms reserved so you can get the group rate. They will need a major credit card to make the reservations. Just mention you will be attending the 2014 SR20 Nissan Convention. As you all may know my name is Robert Ocasio just in case they ask who the hosting party is.

Please talk with the Hotel in regards to cancellations as this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The Hotel is located at:

Holiday Inn
6001 Rockside Road
Independence, Ohio 44131
PH: 216-524-8050


Please see for more details http://www.sr20-forum.com/2014-national-convention-ohio-june-19-22/73879-pitt-race-kart-track-rental.html

Car Cruise: Friday, June 20, 2014 (Pending) Free day is optional

Well guys this is something that we came up with. It is the new addition to the 2014 Convention and this addition that makes with the first 4 day Convention ever! Ohio has a lot of real nice country style roads the further south you go. Our intentions are to drive to Amish Country. The rolling hills and long (speed limit) enforced roads are simply awesome and I feel it would be a great site to see with a caravan of cars taking the ride. This is a window down, elbow out listening to the sound of awesomeness (SR20 cars) type of cruise. The plan is to depart the hotel bright and early and drive into Amish Country and stop to have lunch. The lunch location is a place called the Der Dutchman located in Walnut Creek, Ohio. It is a wicked home style cooked meal. It is also big enough to hold many of us. The drive is about 1.5 hours long at cruising speeds each way.

Drag Day: Saturday, June 21, 2014

I am happy to say that the drag day has been locked in... We will be racing at Thompson Raceway Park

Welcome to the ThompsonRacewayPark.com!
8233 Sidley Road
Thompson, Ohio 44086

The gates will open at 10 AM and the racing will start at noon and they will end whenever! We will be part of a test and tune day and what they call a gamblers race. We will also be given our own staging lanes so we can knock out some grudge races. I am excited about this track as it is one of the fastest on Ohio. I reached out to Drag way 42 as many people enjoyed that track in 2012 but, due to the track being sold and currently going through some major renovations they will not be opening until late July.

Racers = $20
Spectators = $15

Picnic /BBQ Day:

As a fan favorite the Picnic/BBQ will be at the 103rd OVI again. Now the story behind this place is interesting. My wife’s family are members of the 103rd OVI. The 103rd OVI was a voluntary group of men who fought in the Civil War many moons ago. After the war was over this group of men and their families on a yearly basis created a reunion. After many years of theses yearly reunions the group decided to purchase some land (4 acres) located right on the bank of Lake Erie. So as the years went by these people started to build these really nice cottages that to this day have been converted into full time homes and summer homes. I am fortunate enough to now be part of this and our family happens to own 3 houses on this property. There is plenty of parking and there is a nice simple meeting building/kitchen that is often rented out for baby showers and wedding rehearsal dinners. So it is the perfect place. If you want to go for a swim or just want to sit back and relax and talk car smack this place is perfect. The 103rd OVI is located in Sheffield Lake, Ohio. If you are a Civil War buff then this place is for you. We have a very nice Museum as well so tours can be set up. During the picnic we will have the raffle and issues awards. Alcohol is not permitted.

Guys our goal for this Convention yet again is to keep it affordable. The spirit of this all is to keep the Conventions alive and going. We also focused on keeping the driving down to a minimal to and from locations. As of right now everything is within 1 hour of the hotel. I feel this is great.

To avoid any miscommunication I will use this post and edit it as I gather details. I will make sure to post that updates are available.
Last edited by LOUROK on 2014-06-16 at 19-17-29.
2014-01-25 19:11:45
Can't wait to see you guys there. Is the picnic Saturday into Sunday or just Sunday?
2014-01-25 20:51:51
Sounds like a good time. Hopefully with help ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I will make it there in my NX and not a rental or tag along.

2014-01-25 20:58:46
Its going there bro trust me. All it needs a 2 solid days of work providing we can find everything
2014-01-25 21:17:51
thats what im talking about!!!
2014-01-25 21:39:57
Originally Posted by Dave_SR20
Its going there bro trust me. All it needs a 2 solid days of work providing we can find everything

I'll ride out and help if you need it.
2014-01-26 01:38:33
careful, may take you up on that! I have cams, wiring in my COPS, gauges, exhaust needs fitting and on and on. Lots to do.
2014-01-26 01:57:47
We Kentucky people look out for each other
2014-01-26 12:24:41
The picnic will be held on Sunday.
2014-01-26 15:42:05
Originally Posted by coach
careful, may take you up on that! I have cams, wiring in my COPS, gauges, exhaust needs fitting and on and on. Lots to do.

You just let me know bud. I'll even bring some more help with me . If you have 220 wired in I'll bring the tig and knock out your exhaust, buddy is good help. Just say the word.
Last edited by nsusammyeb on 2014-01-26 at 15-43-26.
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