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Thread: 2014 SR20 National Convention Is Coming Back To OHIO!!!!

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2013-10-16 19:49:05
Trying to plan for this.....OH isn't a bad drive for me,
2013-10-17 19:53:33
Making plans with the wife and kids . They need to see the Midwest. Soon as the dates are posted, we are looking to hang out that way for a week. Holla back, pimp!
2013-11-17 19:13:54
I don't think all of us are broke. I chose a B13 VE when I could have had a brand new C7 Vette, GTO, 370Z, etc.

So why did I choose a 22-23 year old Sentra?

Dad. My Dad died last year but my first car was *his* 1991 Sentra SE-R that he sold me for $1,000 in 1998 when he bought a brand new Sentra SE. I still remember the new car smell and the shine and gloss of the black paint on his car. I knew "Dad's car was fast" but we were stunned when we found out my newly acquired 91 SE-R was much faster than his 98 Sentra SE, I think we thought it had more HP or something b/c it was brand new, but as we know the B14 is heavier and slower in stock form, especially the Sentra SE.

But I digress.

I keep coming back to the B13 because it reminds me of simpler times, of times when all I worried about was getting my brother off of our 1 computer so I could get on the internet to talk to my then girlfriend on AOL, when my only bill was $30/month from my Nokia cell phone. It's all for my Dad. All of it. I would never be here or have ever met so many of you online and in person if it wasn't for him. I wouldn't be making a living doing what I'm doing, something I'd do for free, if it wasn't for him.

In a few months it will be 2 years since he died; but everytime.. EVERYTIME I get behind the wheel of my 1992 Sentra SE-R, I remember him....

....and I need to remember.
2013-11-17 22:18:53
Originally Posted by morgans432
im happy its not in nj i wouldnt want you in my state anyway would get you guys in trouble in no time

You've got a point there. I'm a born and raised Jersey boy, the cops on 78 and 80 are RUTHLESS. Nail you for everything.
2013-11-17 22:27:03
Originally Posted by cortrim1
stock is fun until you drive a properly modified version. Then stock does not do it for you any more.

Yep, the grass is greener syndrome. I'm already bored with a 208-210whp N/A B13 VVL. Sometimes I do kind of miss the purity of the DE. But it wasn't always like that. Holy crap, did I have fun in my car when I got it all together few years ago, and still do, but the last go-fast mod I added was G-Spec pulleys and that was last summer 2012. No new power except weight reduction in well over a year. I don't just get on it to feel the acceleration anymore like I used to.

I've been itching for something RWD for a long time. But the only 240sx I wanted was a 97 or 98 for a DET swap, almost impossible to find, but when you do, people want like $16k for it. So then I looked at 300ZX's. 90 percent for sale are non turbo and beat to crap, and the TT's they want $14k+ for a 1990 with 120k miles and usually something like a blown turbo or bad head gasket. but they're usually better taken care of. So for me, it was back to the B13. And now Altima SE-R because VQ35DE Although I wanted the 350Z, it just didn't have the room I need or cargo space.
2014-01-17 21:54:38
Are track dates nailed down yet?
2014-01-17 21:59:40
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Are track dates nailed down yet?

Only thing locked I track wise is the road course. As for the drag strips nothing yet. Still plenty of time for that.

I have a appointment with a hotel manager next Wesnesday. Hopefully then hotel details will be completed !!!
2014-01-17 22:06:21
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Are track dates nailed down yet?

You wont show up any how! =P
2014-01-17 22:12:51
Originally Posted by speedricer
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Are track dates nailed down yet?

You wont show up any how! =P

I may have convinced the old man to a father-son bonding adventure to Ohio...possibly a 3 generation road trip if my oldest son comes too!

Never count me out son...
2014-01-17 22:26:45
Originally Posted by 1fastser

Never count me out son...

Well clean out that sand and plan on getting your ass out here!
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