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Thread: Photography thread - post pics here

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2013-06-12 16:40:25
My view for about 1500 miles.

My car ungoing surgery.

Shameless plug for 2JRacing. I'm very happy with Joe and Casper's work. They transformed the car.


Funny decal. Those QR boys have a sense of humor

Friday wrench fest.

Jamie and Mark discussing the fine art of clutch replacement.

Emily's not so intact clutch. DEEP to the rescue!

Random picnic shots.

The closest thing we have to a group shot.

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2013-06-12 18:15:09
My pictures taken from blackberry.

2013 SR20 Convention Slideshow by LilG101_photos | Photobucket
2013-06-12 23:47:54
I should have went
2013-06-13 01:51:04
Originally Posted by Fatboyse-r
Originally Posted by hammerin
At least I was closer than FatboySe-r

Oh sure, pick on me, the one time I went in too hot!

What about the time you took out the "Track Out" marker?
2013-06-13 02:27:12
Originally Posted by JDM
My pictures taken from blackberry.

2013 SR20 Convention Slideshow by LilG101_photos | Photobucket

Excellent photos, looked like a great convention.

Edit: All the other photos are worth noting as well, thank you.
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2013-06-13 04:02:40
AMP Gallery is finally up! The other galleries are not far behind.

R. Cresci Photo | SR2013 Atlanta

Fraternal Twins:

Turn 6:

Does Joe have enough GoPros?

Vadim getting in on the three-wheel action too!:

Russel rockin' the ITA car:

Brian getting every cent out of his rental fee:

Many more in the gallery so check 'em out!
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2013-06-13 04:30:44
Originally Posted by ny5speed
Vadim getting in on the three-wheel action too!:

That B15 chassis is stiff, almost as stiff as P10/P11's, and that's without a rear strut/shock bar (not possible on B15 without heavy mods).

Awesome pics, now I was trying to see about buying some, is it $5 per picture or for whole album (couldn't get to the point of selecting individual pictures thus it seems like it might be per album).
Last edited by Vadim on 2013-06-13 at 04-31-50.
2013-06-13 04:53:48
Hey Vadim,

I usually sell prints and services exclusively. I added just added the digital downloads as an option. The $5 is per image for a full resolution (so you could make big prints if you were so inclined) and includes a full personal use release, which essentially means that you can do whatever you want with the image as long as you are not profiting from it. I can add a lower resolution option if people just want to have an image for online use... seems like that might be a good idea (and you can always just link to the image from my site as well but it will be watermarked). I will go set up a lower-res option as well. Also, for multiple downloads you just do it as an "add to cart" per image.

With regards to prints, my lab makes killer prints on your choice of paper (automotive stuff looks pretty sweet on the metalic paper!) and I've kept the prices low for you guys. If you decide to grab a print or two instead of a download I guaranty you won't be disappointed, its amazing how much better a good print on the wall looks vs an image on a screen.

edit: lower-res option added for web use...
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2013-06-13 05:07:42
Also, with regards to prints, if a panoramic format image is ordered in a non pano size I'll letterbox it to keep the effect, always looks good.
2013-06-13 07:18:11
Drag pics are up!

R. Cresci Photo | SR2013 Atlanta

Damn Mike's G20 is mean...

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