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Thread: Official Picnic Signup and Donation Thread

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2013-04-24 01:33:49
Official Picnic Signup and Donation Thread
The time has come to get a head count for this year's picnic. We also need donations to help pay for the food and supplies that will be purchased. The purpose of this thread is to address both items. I've volunteered myself as one of happynole's foot soldiers to help coordinate both of these efforts.

General info thread about this year's picnic, just in case this is the first time you're hearing about this: http://www.sr20-forum.com/2013-national-convention-atlanta-ga-june-6-8/65060-saturday-june-8th-fort-yargo.html

Much the same as last year, we're using a "pay what you can format" in the form of a "donation" to help offset the cost of the food and supplies. The organizers of this year's Convention feel a $10 donation per person should cover most of our food/supply expenses related to the picnic. Donations will be accepted at the picnic, but we prefer to have it earlier, rather than later.

Please "gift" PayPal donations to [email]henrylint@hotmail.com[/email]

The food selection will be a traditional burger/dog/chips/soda type cookout menu. The donation is just that, a donation. It's not required to attend, like in some past conventions. We realize some folks are better off financially than others, hence the idea of the format. If you're strapped for cash, but don't mind a little work, we can always use donations in the form of volunteer work during the event. PM myself or happynole if you'd like to volunteer your time.

If you have any special food requirements, ie. vegan, gluten free, etc. etc. please mention it in your signup post and we'll try our best to accommodate you.

Also note this event is rain or shine. Meaning, it’s going to happen with or without you.

If you'd like to donate more than the $10, that's more than fine. Without some rather large donations at last year's convention, things wouldn't have been as plentiful as they were. Much like life, the Convention is as good as you make it. Let's make this a great one! Thanks in advance for your support!

Please post if you're going to attend and the number of your guests.
Please send your PayPal to [email]henrylint@hotmail.com[/email]
In the comments section of the Paypal, please include your forum name, so I know who you are.

List of Attendees (74)

1. happynole + 8 guests
2. hammerin hank + 0 guests
3. patinthehat + 2 guests
4. BenFenner + 1 guest
5. Mr SE-R + 0 guests
6. cortrim1 + 0 guests
7. Ncook90 + 1 guest
8. ny5speed + 0 guests
9. SeR_k1dd + 5 guests
10 marksr20 + ? guests
11. eggman + 1 guest
12. llaprad1 + 1 guest
13. mirrortints + 0 guests
14. emarshb13 + 1 guest
15. LOUROK + 1 guest
16. ezcheese15 + 0 guests
17. Turbo91SER + 1 guest
18. turbotank + 3 guests
19. Fatboyse-r + 0 guests
20. Jimithin7000 + 0 guests
21. 93SE-R + 0 guests
22. klassickrican + 1 guest
23. Unijabnx2000 + 1 guest
24. Kyle + 1 guest
25. chapnutz1 + 2 guests
26. boostednx + 0 guests
27. SR20GTiR + 1 guest
28. Wheelz + 1 guest
29. srboostjunkie + 0 guests
30. Russell + 0 guests
31. blackb13se-r + 0 guests
32. Vadim + 1 guest
33. thefultonhow + 0 guests
34. Will +0 guests
35. Rachel + 0 guests
36. Thomas Reynolds + 4 guests
37. omgpandasaurus + ? guests
Last edited by hammerin hank on 2013-06-07 at 20-48-26.
2013-04-24 01:45:17
hey hank put me down. unsure on guests. put me down for 2 and we will roll with that for now. i told joe i will bring the charcoal.
2013-04-24 04:03:33
I was about to make a thread asking about this. Good to see it up.

BenFenner + 1 guest.

See you there Hank!
Last edited by BenFenner on 2013-04-24 at 04-06-25.
2013-04-24 04:37:30
Put me down for 8 guests, all of whom will be helping with food prep and serving. And thanks again @hammerin hank for taking this off my plate
Last edited by happynole on 2013-04-24 at 04-38-45.
2013-04-24 11:02:46
Put me down! Donation sent!
2013-04-25 04:51:51
Put me Down for Two and I get paid tomorrow so money shall be on its way Shortly.
2013-04-25 04:57:03
I have to see if my uncle wants to bring his family out for the festivities... i'll send some $$ soon
2013-04-26 00:28:23
donation sent..amount of guests will be 5 or more..
2013-04-26 12:25:01
Idk how many of us are heading out there, could be 8 could be 30 lol. But I'll send over a donation and I'm sure everyone will pitch in from our crew if not online it will be in person
2013-04-27 04:09:45
Donation sent,
I have 1 guest ,so far. My younger brother is flying in from W. Virginia to hang out/ride shotgun for the whole weekend!!
Hope to get him bit by the SR20 bug by the end of the weekend.
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