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Thread: Convention countdown thread

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2013-03-29 04:05:14
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Hell im already ready. Dont know whats wrong with you people.....hahaha.

70 days till I kick all of you guys butts on drag day again

But do you have the balls to take it on the road course?

If it doesn't blow oil all over it self after (4) 30 minute sessions, I say we cook hot dogs on your hood afterwards. This year, to be crowned the "Champion", requires road course duty. Rutrow.

Spot me 6 seconds on the dragstrip and I think I can take ya.....Oh wait, I'll be bracket racing...nevermind.
2013-03-29 11:57:16
2013-03-29 15:49:13
What is the cost for coming just to spectate?
2013-03-29 19:35:08
Correct me if I'm wrong, but traditionally it costs nothing (except your own personal food and shelter costs) to come to the convention.

You can spectate at the road course for free, but now that the drag strip element has been added there will be a small (around $5-$10) fee to spectate at the drag strip. Unless you want to attend ALL DAY this year which I think is $40 per driver (running a car). I don't know what it is if you're not running a car and just spectating? @happynole will know.

@happynole, once you find out, let me know too so I can pay the appropriate amount for Katie.

And of course the picnic and car show, as always, is free. Donations are welcome.

T-shirts and raffle tickets are encouraged but again, not mandatory.
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2013-03-29 19:43:33
I want to come, ATL isn't too far away and would make for a nice Road Trip for me and the Lady!

Only thing tho I have a Fishing trip in Moorehead, NC June 9th-11th!
2013-04-01 21:17:51
2 months left
2013-04-03 19:34:49
63 Days to GO!

Time to lock everything thing in including your hotel room, track day registration etc etc.
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2013-04-10 02:32:10
57 Days!

It will be here before we know it. The time is now to start making firm plans. Don't wait until the last minute and be left out in the cold!
2013-04-10 12:55:35
o man hank i needed a thread like this time to get my butt in gear!!!!!!
2013-04-17 14:11:39
49 days to go!
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