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Thread: Drag Racing Q&A

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2012-10-19 12:59:12
How leanant are they about battery shut off switches for trunk mounted batteries?
2012-10-19 19:14:26
Originally Posted by marksr20
How leanant are they about battery shut off switches for trunk mounted batteries?

Battery in the trunk you must have switch.
2012-10-19 22:18:32
where does the switch have to be located?
2012-10-19 22:20:40
rear of the car in a spot easily accesible. if you dont want to cut a hole in your car get a old tailight and put it in there
2012-10-19 22:25:36
I know the rule in the book. Im just trying to figure out how stickler they are about it.
2012-10-19 22:27:51
follow the rules mark dont try to bend them or they will bend you over

put your battery in the front you going to need some extra weight up there
2012-10-19 22:31:18
you know im never ever ever ever gonna drill into an old taillight or even consider the body of the smurf. The red car already has these things and I will probably run it in the front
2012-10-20 03:55:54
At Atlanta dragway If you run a 13.99 or faster you have to wear a helmet no exceptions. You are given 2 warnings your 3 warning gets your number takin off ur car for the rest of the night and your done racing.
2012-10-20 04:00:30
We go by the nhra rules. Like I said you get 2 warnings for everything most people run there first really fast pass at first then slow it down till there last pass of the night and let r eat.
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2012-10-20 04:03:39
my battery is neither up front or in the back....
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