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Thread: Drag Racing Q&A

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2012-10-20 14:46:01
a battery cut off switch is not only needed if your battery is in the trunk, if you run faster than a set et, you will need a switch even if the battery is under the hood.
11.39 or 135mph or faster-minimum roll bar(faster you go more bars/pts are required)
150mph-requires parachute
9.99 or 150mph requires competition license(some tracks are lenient on this)
rules have changes with window nets and harness', something with dates and ok with out of date ones
2012-10-20 15:54:35
Do they actually inspect every car? I know on test and tune nights up here at norwalk they don't bother.
2012-10-20 17:43:55
^yes..they don't if you're a regular and they know your car is set up right. I use to drag there a lot a couple years back and they didn't bother to inspect it after the first three or four times b/c they recognized me and my b13. But then again, that was a couple years ago.
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2012-10-23 03:54:13
Where is it located ?
2012-10-23 04:00:22
Requirements for running 11's is roll bar restraints and jacket
2012-10-23 12:30:58
I dump clutch at 8000rpm for FWD w/warmed slicks.

now I have RWD... whats a simple technique?
2012-10-23 12:35:12
Get bigger slicks and do the same thing lol
2012-10-23 18:37:55
Originally Posted by redneck
Requirements for running 11's is roll bar restraints and jacket

I was going to mention the jacket thing.

Also long pants at all times regardless times.
2012-10-23 21:44:06
Originally Posted by morgans432
rear of the car in a spot easily accesible. if you dont want to cut a hole in your car get a old tailight and put it in there

[hijack] What is the reasoning behind having the switch at the back? Coming from roadracing where we keep them driver accessible it doesn't make sense to me.[/hijack]
2012-10-23 21:45:50
NHRA rules say a helmet is required for 13.99 or quicker but a lot of tracks have their own rules about helmets, so I'd bring a snell 2005 or newer helmet no matter what.

I also work at a local drag strip so I can aid in any questions as well

Rock Falls Raceway
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