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Thread: Track day at Atlanta Motorsports Park fo $199

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2012-09-28 00:08:53
Track day at Atlanta Motorsports Park fo $199
Our challenge for 2013 is the track deposit, which is substantial given we have no money to start with. It is due with our signed contract. Those of us who do track days know we usually pay upwards of $250 for a day running with strangers, and it's often closer to $300. Our early bird offer is our attempt at keeping anyone (especially me) from having to go into their pockets to front this entire deposit. As of today, we have first right of refusal for Thursday June 6, 2013. We have a handshake agreement for 30 days, after which no deposit from us opens this day back up on their calender. The track management is also working with us to split the balance up into 2 additional payments so that we can manage our finances. Our offer to you is this:
$199 per person has been extended for all SR20 forums members! This includes all of the Dash, the SR20 forum, and G20.net members.
We are going to cap run groups at 22. With 3 run groups each driver would have five (5) 20 minute sessions with 30 minutes of open track to end the day. We are looking at stopping at 60 total entries at this time, but do not want to exclude anyone. I'm hoping we can sell all spots at $199 within the community and friends it will be a great thing. If 50 entries are not received by May 1st, we open it up to the public and likely bump the price to $225.


Our deposit has been accepted and our date is secured. We have a second payment due on April 16th, and final payment 1 week out.

1) happynole - Joe Schintzius
2) hammerin hank - Hank Lint
3) Swiss - Dave S
4) Kirru - Cory Clark
5) coach - Brent Meints
6) BenFenner - Ben Fenner
7) wnwright - Nate Wainwright
8) LOUROK - Louie Lucena
9) SE-Rican - Rob Ocasio
10) Kyle - Kyle Anderson
11) unijabnx2000 - Joshua Buck
12) Fatboyse-r - Mark Schoenholz
13) Rodrigo - Rodrigo Piedrahita
14) TrackJunky82 - Sergio Benitez
15) Busted_Door - Brian Krieg
16) Vadim - Vadim Kovalenko
17) sr20detg20girl - Ainsley Jacobs
18) thoraxe - Erik Jacobs
19) llaprad - Louis LaPrad
20) eric96ser - Eric Waterman
21) SanMarinoBlue -
22) marksr20 - Mark Merliss
23) SR20GTi-R - Jamie Marsh
24) ny5speed - Randy Cresci
25) Randy's Dad - Randy Cresci Sr.
26) mirrortints - Jeff Proctor
27) ezcheese15 - Torry Skurski
28) bhowle - Bryan Howle
29) 95gATL - Brian
30) thefultonhow - David Fulton-Howard
31) StangG20 - Michael Heger
32) DeanOU - Dean Ouano

I have added a second PayPal account for convention stuff. Send to [EMAIL="hpynole@gmail.com"]hpynole@gmail.com[/EMAIL] and send as either a payment due to avoid fee or pay $205.25 to cover fees. Please be sure to include both your screen name and your actual name. Also indicate your preference between novice/intermediate/advanced run groups. The organizers will have final say on group assignments when we get to that point.
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2012-09-28 00:22:52
The wife is already a go on this! You will be getting my paypal next payday!

2012-09-28 00:27:19
Joe, Ill talk it over with the wife but ill probably put up an entry fee even though I probably wont make it this year unless something happens.

Looks like its going to be a blast this year as well.
2012-09-28 00:43:23
@LOUROK and I are in for $500 Joe.
2012-09-28 19:13:22
I should be able to pay in the next week or two...
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2012-09-30 11:51:03
Paypal sent
2012-10-01 17:13:13
We should be mighty close to 30!!! I will paypal when I have the money and definitely be in the Early Bird Special.
2012-10-01 17:18:37
You've got $$$$$

2012-10-01 21:20:35
Strattons in for $500,,, oops I mean I'm in for 2-1/2 spots lol
2012-10-02 02:08:42
For those couple of you out there willing to call my bluff:

Next open event at AMP is $325 for 1 day to run with strangers. BTW, this link also gives a great description of the course:
High Performance Driving Schools, Lessons, Driving Experience, HPDE, Professional Driving School

Our price at $225 will be the deal of the year for anyone even thinking about this in the Atlanta area.

At $199 it makes a great Christmas present
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