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Thread: Savannah......or maybe not?!!

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2012-06-22 14:19:13
Originally Posted by happynole
We have decided that building on the momentum of the awesome convention that Rob and Louie just hosted was as important as anything else we could consider in choosing a location for the 2013 SR20 Convention. With that in mind I am pleased to announce that we will be returning to Savannah, Georgia in 2013.

There are no details as of yet

Well, almost none:

- We are looking for a date in the late spring /early summer time frame. Think end of April thru no later than mid June.

- We will again be staying at the Cambria Suites near the airport.

- We will have a road course day at Roebling Road, date can not be determined until September when the track calendar for 2013 is finalized. Our ultimate goal is to make it affordable for everyone, with a target of less than $175. We are going to do everything we can to get the track day to come in at $150. This may require prepaying for the track day, but we will work that out once we get our date finalized.

- We are looking at multiple drag strip options, and we are going to do everything we can to insure that it is a 1/4 mile track. Even if it is a little further because that is what you all told us you wanted over settling for a closer 1/8 track.

More information will be posted here as it is finalized. Get your sunscreen ready!

price shouldn't be a deciding factor, mainly it is what is...it needs to be a 1/4 mile strip, 1/8 mile is for beginners
2012-06-22 14:21:38
Originally Posted by corrie
Tybee island is a short ride from savannah and is prob. A much better beach than you'll find in NJ...

IDK, there is not much you can compare to the OCEAN!!!

Originally Posted by Chriscar
The problem with the NY Tri-State area is there's no affordable road courses.


your point?? not trying to be rude our sour but why should price limit the locations? if people dont want to go due to price of the track day then they are in the wrong hobby, nothing here is cheap
2012-06-22 14:29:20
Originally Posted by chapnutz1
..it needs to be a 1/4 mile strip, 1/8 mile is for NA guys

2012-06-22 14:34:04
Originally Posted by SE-Rican

2012-06-22 14:34:19
The road course has been, and will always be a part of the convention. We can't ignore the price if we want it to be successful.

2012-06-22 14:36:25
Originally Posted by Chriscar
The road course has been, and will always be a part of the convention. We can't ignore the price if we want it to be successful.


im not knocking the road course, isn't that what started this all??
2012-06-22 14:38:30
I know you're not knocking it, but let's be real, price cannot be removed from the equation. Lemme flip it around - if the drag strip was $250 to run, and the hotel was $350/night, how many people would go?

2012-06-22 14:41:28
you have a valid point and argument...i would pay the $250 to race, but i would sleep in my truck because i would never pay $350/night for the hotel lol
2012-06-22 14:47:53
The Convention moving forward must always have a roadcourse day as well as a drag day. They go hand in hand.

Cost overall is a big factor for everyone. Keeping cost down is what made Ohio so successful IMHO.
2012-06-22 14:58:12
I say Ohio again, roadcourse and race tracks were cheap to me. I'm gonna look up upstate NY to see what we can organize
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