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Thread: Pics 08 - Saturday at Dragway 42

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2012-06-27 14:20:45
Pics 08 - Saturday at Dragway 42
First a story, then the rest of the pics. There should be 3 time slips, a YouTube video, another time split, and a picture of Randy in this post.

I had only been drag racing one other time a long, long time ago. I showed up at the drag strip planning to run once to see what the car would do, and then sit back with Katie and enjoy the people, the show, the cars, the cheering, the food, the fun.

I lined up with a couple in a BMW who was part of our group. I was hoping for maybe mid 13's? That would be nice.

It turns out I ended up running the car again quickly in the day light because Katie didn't get pics of me staging the first time. So I ran again. This time against some slightly snobby local who was there with his buddy. His buddy had an 11-second Trans Am. He had a much more stock Firebird. They were purposefully ignoring us, but reflexively did a double-take when I started the car up to move down the line. I guess they weren't expecting that kind of a noise to come from this kind of car.
I ran the same exact time, same exact MPH (pretty typical for me since I don't ever do anything differently when launching). I was done for the night.

The itch to join the 100 MPH club bit later on in the night, and I lined up again with $1 in hand with Mark in the B13 race car beside me also going for the honors. Mark suggested I drop the pressure in the front tires to see what happens, so I went from highway fuel economy 35 psi up front to 30 psi. How adventurous of me you say.
I made a complete ass of myself when the car stalled in the staging area, taking forever to restart, and then the engine wouldn't spin the tires to clean them. I free-revved the engine and it wouldn't go over 4.5k rpm. I signaled to the official that I was broken and Mark ran down the track alone.
I was slightly worried about what had happened to the car, and worried about getting home, and then immediately worried about if I should limp down the track taking up everyone's time and possibly dripping fluid all down it, or if I should back up and GTFO some how. I was done for the night.

Sitting there wondering what to do, and convinced that the car was probably still okay and if anything it was a vacuum hose loose or something, I free-revved it again and all seemed okay. I was hoping to clean the tires but the official saw the car was good (turned out to be the 30-second count-down fuel enrichment I'd setup earlier that weekend causing an extreme rich condition preventing the engine from revving or making any power immediately after starting it up) so he waved me up to the starting line. I overshot the lasers, had to back up and by then I think the crew had had enough of me. I went down the track slightly quicker, and a little faster than the last two runs. I sat my stupid-ass down in the bleachers for the rest of the night. I was done.

By now I'm well and fully convinced I don't like drag racing. I said as much to a couple people. I told Katie I wasn't going up again for anything, and not to worry I wouldn't be ditching her anymore. I love lining up against people from a stop and racing them. I've done it over and over and over again at makeshift drag strips before in all manner of cars. I enjoy that. It is the pressure of staging and launching all within the shortest time possible with lines of cars behind you waiting and rows of spectators waiting that seems to put the pressure on I guess. I'm not scared to make a fool of myself in front of a crowd. That happens on the daily. It's being part of a well oiled machine and the pressure to perform and make everything go smoothly for the track crew and "show" that does it I guess.

I sat down with Katie again and enjoyed watching the races and relaxing and taking pictures and chatting with folks. We got some food and really could enjoy the evening. Some really unexpectedly fast cars were great to watch and being on the sidelines with the community was a great way to spend the night.

While Katie went to the bathroom, I heard something over the intercom.
If you watch sr20guy's video below, at 5:17 you can hear the track officials calling me up to the line for a race. I've been called out!


I'm not happy about going down the track again, but I'm a team player and maybe this will be fun. I really just don't want the car to break.
I told Jay who was outside of the bathrooms to tell Katie that I had to race again and got back to the car. I lowered the pressure in the front tires another 5 psi to 25 psi total and lined up for the race.

As it turns out, no one had called me out for a race.
The track organizers saw my 3, consistent, near 14.0-second ETs and saw Randy's (ny5speed) consistent, near 14.0-second ETs and decided we should both race for a shot at a trophy.

Randy is the nicest guy (I voted him for the Matt Kempe award) and I knew that whatever happened at least it wasn't going to be any more stress. I could relax some. I actually was hoping Randy would win the trophy. I just wanted to get down the track and be done with it.

We lined up. I took forever to trip the lasers trying not to repeat the overshoot from last time. The tree went and I just bogged the launch (not enough revs). There was a split second I considered a clutch-kick around the 60' mark but it seemed fruitless. I spent the rest of the time playing catch-up trying to reel Randy in but "the force is strong with this one".

I was kind of sad that I didn't do better, and give people more of a show, but I was happy Randy won and when it was time to pack up and leave I made sure Randy went and collected his trophy.

Eventually after that race Katie and I walked down to the staging area where a good portion of the SR20 folks were and got to enjoy the noise and the burnouts and camaraderie of everyone excited about the silliest races between stock SE-Rs and hilariously slow Hondas. It was a really fun night despite my own issues with drag racing and I can't wait to make a complete ass of myself next year when I send the car down the track at least once. I'm looking forward much more to the relaxing and the food and the show of the drag strip. It is a completely different thing when you're cheering for tons and tons of friends and there are all sorts of friendly rivalries to watch and folks you know going faster with each pass.

Stay tuned for the pics.
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2012-06-27 14:33:34
Facebook album permalink (in case the pics don't show up in the future).

nsusammyeb and his B14.

Mark's smurf getting surgery after braking an axle the night before at the unofficial drag strip.

Kristen's father, ------, Sam, Mark

Kristen's father and Randy in front of maybe Blair's B13 and Kristen's egg.

Me accidentally thinking I had to sign up to race at this tent.

This is where you signed up to do the actual racing, not the test and tune runs. I got out of there after they wanted money.

Lining up.

Hiding an umbrella in the trunk I think.

The first two lanes were for those with slicks, so Jamie's car is in lane 2. Lanes 3 and 4 were for street tire folks.

My first run.

My second run, so Katie could get a picture this time. Guy in Firebird didn't seem to happy with all the imports there, and I don't think it put him in any better of a mood when I walked him.

Before I came round him on the back half.

Katie is awake now. =]

Poor guy.

I guess Katie thought the clouds were picture worthy.

nsusammyeb on the right.

One of the black B13s, not sure who it is, and Wes in the WRX. I think that's Mike?

Wes going up against the buddy of the guy in the Firebird I raced. I think that's a Trans Am? Anyway, he was running 11s I think. He was N/A but maybe nitrous? Probably just N/A. I didn't ask.

Rob versus the Golf. This Golf lined up against folks all night and I think he won 9 out of 10 races. Must have been a good night for him.

I think the Golf was running low 14s? I don't know...
Rob, launching that turbo AWD car like a grandma.

I keep forgetting who the white B14 driver is.

Mike for sure this time.

Mike had him for a short while. =]

UPS truck goes on a delivery. I don't think the 5.0 mustang won a single race all night.

I'm pretty sure the mustang looses this one eventually.

Maybe not?

Okay I believe Rob is in the P11 on the right. But I'm not sure that is Rob's car. Is Rob in Bes's car? And that's Bes in Rob's car on the left? I know I'm fucking this up... Rob is on the right though. driving I know it.

And here is the spread around the 300' mark maybe. Rob is gone, and I think already has the hazards on. Bes is just losing. No other way to say it. Both automatics. I think Rob brake torqued?

I believe that was their only race. I could be wrong though. Maybe I wanted them race again and am remembering two different races and thinking they were both the same? =/

Emilee in the parts car lining up with a Civic. This would become one of the themes of the night.

Emilee puts a spanking on the Honda with some some solid 16-second action. The few Civics and Integras out there found the one car running times they had mere hopes of besting, so they just kept lining up with Emilee all night.

Before Emilee set out I told her she needed to beat 16.6s in the beater SE-R since that's what I ran with my car when I first bought it. I caught up with them after a couple runs and she'd already gone 16.2s I believe so she was well on her way to kicking my butt.

Sam lining up with the "slow" Saturn. There was also a fast Saturn there. I'm sure someone else took pics.

I think the Saturn driver is named Tony. He went 14.7 this run. Sam said 14-something for him.
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2012-06-27 14:33:59
There's the BMW I raced first. And that should be David in the turbo B15.

I forget who was in the red B13, but that should be Randy's father (also named Randy, but not sure if they are Randy Jr. and Randy Sr. or not) in the Green P10.

Randy Sr. said the car was quite slow, and his son gave it a try and went even slower, so this could be Randy Jr. but I think not.

This is the 11-second bug-eye WRX that was just tearing it up out there. The car sounded like a proper vacuum cleaner on crack and looked like it was launching the entire trip down the track with the car rising up and just never settling down. It was tons of fun to watch.

It looked like this the whole time down the track except between shifts.

Louie and Mike. The P10 is running without a hood, and spraying nitrous. The VE sounded absolutely terrifying and that car was one of the most fun to watch. Nice burnouts too. =]
Spot Mark in the race car in the way back.

If I had to guess, I think Mike caught up to Lou.

Mark all alone?

I guess not...

The damn black B13s are just so hard to tell apart without seeing the wheels or the front bumper or the side skirts.
Stock wheels on the left makes me think it must be Mike. Maybe that's Chris on the right?

Oh jeez, so it is only stock wheels in the rear for that car, and no grey side skirts, so that's not Mike.
And again I'm clueless on both.

Okay this is Mike for sure on the left and Rob on the right.

Not sure where Rob is in this one. =]

Okay Rob must have been left at the tree, but Mike says he's closing in on him at a million miles an hour right now.

Mark versus maybe one of the boosted Buicks that was out there. There were like 3 in a group. Turbo Buick guys are always a special breed. =]

Eric ready to rip off a nice pass I'm sure. Like Randy, his setup seemed unassuming and was much quicker than expected.

'Vert PT Cruiser is not in the race.

Sarah and I have to guess David.

Beating that PT Cruiser I see.

By now I've lined up to try to enter the 100 MPH club, which is for street cars only, which DOT legal tires, and all that jazz. How Mark ended up behind me in contention for the illustrious honor is a bit of a mystery.

Hanging out at the staging area where the action seemed to be.
Tomas, Rich, yellow-shirt lady, Sam, Kyle's father, Kyle.

This is me after Mark went down the track already. I think Mark go up to 98 MPH on that run so he just missed being inducted into the 100 MPH club. I was having some car trouble and didn't go down until after him. =/

Probably overshooting the lasers at this very moment. Connor is right off track on the right laughing at my misery.

At least I didn't red-light.

Last run of the day? I think not.

For some reason I did manage to go a tiny bit faster this time. Someone said the far lane fast the better lane. After having such back luck that time, I made sure to give that lane to Randy when we lined up later on.

My car number for the night.

My slip for the 100 MPH club run.

Randy and I raced for a trophy! I lost.

Even Hank was joining in the fun.

Khyle and his fresh B13.

Katie ready to meet the neighborhood watch.

Connor stopped making fun of my misfortune long enough to take a couple pics.

Jay and Connor = concerned about their long-term auditory function.

As the night goes on, my picture taking ability tends to get worse. I think it was all the root beer.
Rich is in this picture. =]

After this it basically turns into the Emilee and Honda crew show. And Jamie is working feverishly by now to try and get better than a 12.0 out of the B14.

I strolled up to the watch tower to get my stickers that Wes reminded me to go get.

One picture's not good enough Jack, better make it three.

So there was a BRZ out in the paddock.

And this thing.
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2012-06-27 15:54:39
Randy's B13 after a hard day of work. He's getting his slicks back on that he lent to Mark for the smurf. He started running mid 13s out there.

Randy in the B13 and that should be Kevin in the Crossfire. It did some mean peg-legged burnouts.

That root beer is really hitting me.

This is Emilee lining up with another Honda. Not sure how you couldn't tell that without my help.

Randy won the drag strip. Time to pack it up.

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2012-06-27 19:17:43
Mark you are required to wear that shirt at next years convention....lmao..
2012-06-29 04:04:14
Hey thats my Bugeye!

Thanks for posting up all the good pics. I kinda got to relive the day through someone elses eyes. Good stuff

You guys were a fun group who were all really nice to talk to.
Its nice to see people get together in a positive manner who are cordial with everyone and not demeaning. No one made me feel out of place just cause I had a suby.

Please let me know if anyone has a video of the run I made against that grey camaro/firebird/trans am with the tail? I was actually worried that he might beat me :o
2012-06-29 04:23:44
Nice recap Ben! And thanks

The green p10 as it turns out is/was down on compression aaaaand running quite rich... this will be cured soon with a fresh ve+t and some marsh tuning. Randy Sr. will be kicking my ass at the strip by the time Savannah rolls around.
2012-06-29 12:38:53
I'm glad you had a good time with our group wrx. We have a Subaru section here since so many of us have them as well.
Throw up a little teaser thread if you want. We'd love to see what you've done to the car.
2012-06-30 04:51:31
cool pics and recap.

btw, i don't think we ever met, but the black p10 is mine but my name is Mike not Rich. =]
2012-06-30 05:48:34
Too many Mikes and Richs to keep straight! Sorry.
I will fix it, sorry Mike.

I had you down for best G20.
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