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Thread: Pics 05 - Friday evening before dinner

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2012-06-14 14:01:05
Pics 05 - Friday evening before dinner
Facebook album permalink (in case the pics don't show up in the future).

Kyle and his father heading to the hotel after the track day in the slightly bruised P10.

Stereotypical female Asian driver paying close attention to the task at hand (driving).

Noel's B14.

Nathan's toy car. Joe and Gloria in the back there.

Eric's B14. The perfect shade of manly purple.

I think this is Wes's WRX. I didn't know he'd gotten there already. Hank's B14 on the right.

There's a better one of Hank's B14. Sarah's B14 behind it.

Identifiable (by me) in this group starting at 10 o'clock and going clockwise are Jay, Shawn, Mike, Ben, and Hank.
Cars are Torry's Alltrac, My B13, Connor's shaggin' wagon, Ben's G35, Louie's B14, Mike's B13, Joes' P10, Nathan's NB.

More of the same from my hotel room on the 2nd floor.

Best use of hotel luggage dolly I've ever seen.

Cliff and Wes are in there on the right. I'm ignorant on the rest.

Noel, Chris, and ------ checking out the UPS truck. I love the N15 front on the B14. Always have.
Tomas's blue P11 making an appearance in the back.

Ashton in the purple, and Wheelz's P11. Not sure on anyone else.

Folks by now are getting ready to head out to the fancy drag strip to get their early drag on. Kim and Mark loading up the tow vehicle and the sprayed G20 waiting, ready to go. By this time folks were deciding if they were going to rest, relax, and eat dinner or rush out to the strip.

Jamie makes an appearance. At this time I leave Katie in the room and head out to see what's going on. We're pretty sure we're going to relax and get dinner and skip the festivities at the drag strip.

Some more cars have arrived. ser kyle's B14.

Gomba's B14.

Jamie's also ready for the track tonight.

Eric's ride again.

Mark's smurf ready to roll.

More cars I don't think I'd seen yet. Who's is this?

Rob's scooby all alone in the other parking lot again.

Boosted SR swapped S14 that looked like serious business to me. Drift charm.

David's B15.
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2012-06-14 14:01:19
Torry and Rush wondering how Toyota could have made such a silly car. Shawn coming in for the kill.

I caught Shawn before he got to do any damage. He seems to have recovered a bit from the sickness all morning.
Randy's B13 on the trailer in the back.

Mike's B13.

I took a picture of my own car.

My parking lot mate for now. Sketchy as hell owner. Obviously has cow issues back home by the looks of the mods.

Not sure who this is.

Chris's sticker made me laugh.

UPS truck getting some HIDs installed?

Sam's B13.

I never found out who this was.

Apparently I wasn't cool enough to get one of these.

Blair's B13 in front of Mark's and Ashton's B13s.

Mark's track monster. Katie wanted to know what the blue things were.

Joel's NX.

Randy's B13.

xavi1320t's B14.

Randy's father (Randy) drove this green P10 on the road course on Friday and the drag strip on Saturday. I think it is young Randy's car. Randy Jr.?

Ameen a bit dirty after going off the track so many times. =]

Chris' B13.

Rich tightening up his hood pins before the trip to the strip.

HID install continues on the delivery truck.

Sarah's B14.

Wheelz's P11.

Jamie looks more prepared for the cold weather than most of us, but I think it is still getting to him.

Rich putting wrenches where they don't belong.

Rolling out to the track. By now I've decided to make it a slow evening and maybe find someone else who wants to grab a leisurely dinner and call it a night.

If you can't recognize the cars you see by now, you should study up.

And that's where I stopped taking pictures for the day I guess. Randy and his father joined Katie and me for the leisurely dinner (by the time we stopped at the restaurant that the early crew hit they were all full so me moved on to Chili's). After some good eats and good company we car pooled to the drag strip to catch the tail end of things arriving at 10 pm, only to be told the track was closing 1 hour early instead of staying open an hour or more late. So we waited for the trailer guys to head out and we followed them to the hotel.
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2012-06-14 14:35:05
black b14 wit the se-r emblem is xavi1320t. You must of liked my car as well hahaha
2012-06-14 14:57:53
Updated. Thank Eric.
I did like your car. It was surprisingly fast on the drag strip. I wasn't expecting low 13s that's for sure. And the purple is just perfect, and some black always sets it off right. I was telling you as much while we were waiting in line on Saturday at the strip.
2012-06-14 15:24:58
haha thanks and yeah it runs pretty well. Some slicks and I'd be at low 12's
2012-06-14 16:37:36
<<< Bald guy with red jacket, also burgundy P11.

FYI, the UPS car was getting HIDs installed.
2012-06-14 16:46:05
Jeff, yes?
2012-06-14 16:54:14
2012-06-14 17:22:10
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Ashton in the purple, and Wheelz's P11. Not sure on anyone else.

That is Raul, OptimumSE-R, standing directly next to and half behind the pole, right hand side while looking at the pic.

Originally Posted by BenFenner
Chris's sticker made me laugh.

What does that mean?

Uh...I'm Gay Too, Fuck You?

Originally Posted by BenFenner
Apparently I wasn't cool enough to get one of these.


Thee only time in my life that some sticker has been stuck on my vehicle that I actually approve of.
2012-06-14 17:34:10


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