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Thread: Non-Attendees: You owe it to yourself....

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2012-06-09 13:24:11
Originally Posted by Cliff
LMAO! Gee thanks Hank! They needed to cut the grass! If they weren't going to do it, I was going to take care of it myself.

Stub: I'm STILL pulling huge clumps of grass out of the chassis. Going to need to put it on a lift and get up in there with a pressure washer I think

2012-06-09 16:20:41
Depending on next years location I'll go but probably won't bring my 200sx again. Us Subaru guys will have our own section lol.
2012-06-09 16:26:09
Originally Posted by LOUROK
Depending on next years location I'll go but probably won't bring my 200sx again. Us Subaru guys will have our own section lol.

Funny you say that, I was thinking the opposite.
2012-06-09 16:49:07
Originally Posted by Treydee
but I feel like being there would not have mattered anyways, I'm kinda lika newb in this community, but with seniority.I'm no gear head......I make no impact here ;-/ Im willing to learn but don't have tha time. I'm jus a pay master when it comes to these cars......not much respect for my kind here. But next year I will make an effort to attend with or without my ride ;-)

Originally Posted by hammerin
It's not like that at the convention. There's certainly a lot of technical conversations and wrenching going on, but no one is going to shun you because you don't know something or make fun of you because you're not an expert wrench. Shawnb and I are perfect examples of that. The convention is more about getting to know the people involved and having good times with them. If you're passionate about cars you'll fit in, don't sweat it. Hell, we even let Cliffy play with us in his Dixie Chopper, I mean Subaru.

Treydee, agreed 110% with Hank.

Expert wrench? I do not know how to change the oil in my Classic, and I am the original owner. I plan on looking up a How To, then making a thread on my first ever oil change. No shit. I fully expect plenty of heckling.

Wrenching on your own ride is not some carved-in-stone requirement to be a car enthusiast. No one could argue the time, money, and in-depth research that has gone into my Classic. No one could argue against the fact that I planned every single modification on my ride, understand most of them, or certainly understand why an expert recommended them, and I am pleased as can be with my results. Further, along the way I came up with at least a couple of my own new twists on modifying our rides. Chassis foam anyone? Beefing up your OEM strut mounts? Installing a B13/B14 seatbelt swap so it looks OEM-correct? I had help with those first two, but I undeniably documented and brought the results to the community.

I might not have turned the wrenches, but I damn sure built my Classic, my way.

Further, without tooting my own horn, I do not question my impact on this community. Like a freakin' asteroid to the dinosaurs. I'm part of it, to the delight of some and the complete and utter dismay of others.

Treydee, join us my friend, you will not be disappointed.

Shawn B
2012-06-09 17:32:53
Originally Posted by liljay781
What about an end of the year convention. Late august, September area

do it
2012-06-09 20:38:20
Originally Posted by enohand
i still cant belive i didnt make this year. Last year was the first 1 i ever went to & it was ehh ok...still had a blast,

but this

this one looked frigging astronomically better

im so pissed i missed this

give credit to the guys that did it last year. it was pretty much thrown together because they stepped up and did it when it was going to be a dead year. I had a blast last year and for the time they had i thought it was well done. Only reason i didnt cometo this years convention is because LIFE happen to me. nothing i could do about it. I had the days off months ago. Tekkie lives right up the street from me he knows.. other then that i will be going next year
2012-06-09 20:53:01
Originally Posted by Shawn
then making a thread on my first ever oil change. No shit. I fully expect plenty of heckling.


2012-06-09 21:10:14
I didnt go because to me not having my SE-R ready and there would have bummed me out even more I could have drove my P10 and I was about to but changed my mind last minute because the car was just not roadworthy IMO. I mean How could I possibly enjoy myself without a vehicle to drive at the track and roll out with everybody to go eat and so on and so forth?? Missing this convention and seeing the pics and vids set the wheels in motion for me with my B13 stay tuned for "Project 600+whp/ready in time for the 2013 convention or bust" I can take my time and do it right both cosmetically and motor and drivetrain wise 100% done the way I envisioned I wanted my B13 to look for all these years (its gonna be different but not over the top). Stay tuned for that.
Last edited by Scrildo on 2012-06-09 at 21-13-31.
2012-06-09 21:12:27
my SE-R was also not ready.. but I knew this was a "can't miss" Convention..
2012-06-09 23:05:33
Agree on it still being worth it even if you dont have your car. My b14 was supposed to be done the day before I was supposed to leave, and it wasn't. They had to keep it til monday because I needed a new clutch cable with the clutch install. So I took the b13 VE which I had only owned for 3 days, had no idea what to expect in terms of reliability, and drove the 700 miles back and forth and it ran awesome. It was either that or the Ford Escape hybrid = slower than slow
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