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Thread: Official Mazworkz Ohio Convention 2012 Thread

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2012-06-06 15:06:39
Official Mazworkz Ohio Convention 2012 Thread
You'll get this same exact commentary and the two (2) photos as quoted if you look at the Official Pics thread.


This subject deserves it's own thread.

Originally Posted by Shawn
Mazworkz represents. Really nice guys. Major massive props for their attendance. I did sales for a while. You know who people buy from? Someone they like, know, and trust. "Sales techniques" suck, cause no one likes uninvited techniques being applied to them. Make a friend, make a sale. Simple.

They never asked for anything, never brought it up, not a single thing. Not even to Rob or Lou. Yet they were offering raffle prizes, on-site mechanical/technical assistance, parts, tools, general help, their smiles, and a hello-handshake. Came out to the road-course in the torrential motherfuckin' rain with no car to run, just to watch. If we had a Vendor of The Year Award, and gratefully our community has several excellent (outstanding) contestants into that category, Mazworkz would win this year. Hands down.

Grassy goodness.

I had a few health issues this year, so did not get to socialize quite as much as I would have liked to in Ohio. Next year I will make it a point to introduce myself to the Mazworkz guys.

If you have other Mazworkz photos, please re-post them in this thread so they are all in one (1) spot.

Thank you and much appreciation and respect to Mazworkz.

Shawn B
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2012-06-06 17:15:51
Got to hang out with Mark, Muhamed and the rest the the crew. Very nice humble people. Thanks for making the trip.

T-Shirts kicked ass BTW.
2012-06-07 00:12:43
I can personally say that it was fantastic (to say the least) to meet such 'high level' guys that had such a low down personality. I think we all can agree that sometimes these 'big name' type shops develop the rock star attitude, and coincidentally forget their roots....and I'm glad to know that Mazworx has not succumb to that disease.

While my car (the 240sx) may not feature any of their parts on the car, you can be rest assured that I will *always* suggest their products in the future. Working with the Porsche guys of late has almost pushed my faith in shops to the end, but Mazworx has brought it back...thank goodness.

Cheers to a great bunch of guys, an awesome showing at the convention, and success in the future! I know (at least with my car) that if (when) I go VE, I know where to go.

...now if only they make a T5 based trans adapter like I asked them in the elevator
2012-06-07 00:15:40

2012-06-07 01:18:11
Good too hear they came out and repped,thats wusup..
90% of my build was purchased through mazworx..A+ service
2012-06-07 01:43:50
2012-06-07 01:52:09
I'll get my pics in here soon. Still busy catching up.
2012-06-07 14:06:14
Big ups to the guys from Mazworx. Glad they could make it out and put on a show. Car is a beast. Seeing it bunny hop off the line in the vid that we lined up was insane. Gotta love it and again big props to these guys. Great group of guys and it was a pleasure meeting all of you.
2012-06-07 14:41:19

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2012-06-08 13:11:17
We appreciate all the support you guys have given us and we will continue to push the limits. This year will be an exciting year as returning from the convention has motivated us to potentially start a new project and also tons of r/d. More news will come soon of this!

Again thank you to everyone that welcomed us and hope to see you guys again next year!
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