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Thread: How far did you travel?

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2012-06-05 20:32:12
I believe my total round trip was 1,25X miles. 7 hours of driving there and back. Felt like a zombie all day Saturday. Lol
2012-06-06 12:30:56
I'm probably the last straggler from the Convention to get home.

After another very long day on the road, 10 am till 10 pm, I made it back alive last night. Although somewhere in there I crossed a time-zone so either subtract or add an hour. I could have left earlier in the day, except I was up too late on Monday night in the hoe-tel on this damn forum. Looking at pics and reading adventures of the event I just attended.

My Tahoe sounds like it ate a Singer sewing machine and then swallowed a whistle for dessert. It started in the mountains of TN or KY on the way to Ohio. Got worse and worse as the week went on. Gets louder with RPM's, and only happens with the gas pedal depressed. No noise when coasting. Could not turn up the radio loud enough to drown it out. Damn near lost the remainder of my sanity with that gawd-awful racket. Sort of sounded like the tranny, but it was shifting and operating just fine. In fact, everything worked OK.....but that horrendous, permeating, all-encompassing noise. Oh well, whatever it is, my big, stock, 2004 Chevy tow-vehicle appliance can be fixed easily enough. Just throw some money at it.

2,204 miles round trip. Plus a another few miles on the Ta-tow from Robs house to and from the Convention Picnic. The big beast never actually broke down nor left me stranded, so all is well.
2012-06-06 19:23:00
I didn't drive a car but we (SE-Rgio and I) did fly from Los Angeles to Chicago and met up with good friends (Cesardrgn and khaos) on the Tuesday of the convention weekend. Got to ride in the p11 to Ohio and all over the place. We had a blast.
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