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Thread: Official Picture & Video Thread! 2012 SR20 Convention - Ohio

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2012-06-05 02:03:50
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
2012-06-05 02:17:37

I have so many pics it's taking forever to upload. Going to make my own thread guys. I have 4 days of pics and over 700 images. Going to upload the ones I thought were the best.
2012-06-05 02:20:27
Your own threads are fine, just link to them here too so they don't get lost.

I think this was by far the most photographed convention? And this thread could get insane on it's own, so others threads are going to be nice to have. I'll be trying to tell a little bit of the story behind some pics or at least identify cars and people for those who didn't come in my picture threads.
2012-06-05 02:31:05
Originally Posted by NSRz32
Nice shots! I see you even got one of my old datto truck

I did not take many pics, but I took one of your bad-ass little truck. Eggman (Jay) and I were both digging it.

Pics when I make it home. I'm dog tired.

I think everyone took pics of that damn orange Z and Dime.

FYI. The owner happens to own a Nissan dealership and has excellent taste in toys. His son is a friend of Robs. That Z started as one of the Nissan Restoration Autos, the ones they bought back, factory restored, and then sold through select dealerships back in the late 90's. 25K and it was a bone-stock, OEM-perfect platform. To modify. That is a Robello Racing motor, putting out 300 whp. IIRC Willwood brakes, and I did not find out the suspension, but you know without question it was also high-dollar and extremely bad-ass. The 510 has a L20 (?) motor, also built by Robello, 197 whp. Both cars are taken to the track on sunny days.

The orange Z and 510 immediately gathered a HUGE crowd of onlookers. If it was not for the crowd, I might have dry-humped the damn Z. It was mesmerizing in its perfection. If anything, it is even more spectacular in person.

Thanks to those that have already posted pics, it put a big smile on my face.
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2012-06-05 02:33:03
Just a teaser

2012-06-05 02:49:27
So... my damned home internet is down! can't even put up a teaser pic... grrr

I'll get some hosted up as soon as I resolve my technical difficulties

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2012-06-05 02:49:42
Damn. I only saw you guys yesterday, but it already seems so long ago. Next year can't come soon enough.

I missed it when Rob popped his hood, and all I can say is DAMN!!!
2012-06-05 02:51:37

Looking good on my mantle, glad I saved a place for it!!
2012-06-05 03:49:28
Originally Posted by OptimumSE-R
Just a teaser

I think I was in the back seat in that shot,too.

2 can play that game.
I see your P10 Panda... and raise you a beautiful Gold P11
Right back at ya

2012-06-05 03:56:52
aaaaand we're back!

2 quick teasers from Nelson:

I'll upload the rest and start a new thread tomorrow.
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