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Thread: Official Picture & Video Thread! 2012 SR20 Convention - Ohio

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2012-06-08 19:07:05
Great pics Mark. I'm loading up like a kid at Halloween with all these good pics from everyone.
2012-06-08 19:13:48
Originally Posted by Boostlee
What are the specs on those wheels?? Are they for sale??

Sorry they not for sale.spec 15X8.25.
2012-06-08 21:26:08
Originally Posted by Chriscar
The building admiring me.

And you admiring the building...

2012-06-08 23:38:17
Post Convention pics...

Dusty and filthy, Wednesday morning after getting home late on Tuesday night.

Son-of-a-bitch. That was not there when I left Ohio.

Damn. That sucks.

Some debris of some sort blasted that cover.

However, it did not die in vain. Did its job till the end.

Now for the funny part. Chriscar give me a present at the Convention. A very generous, rare, no-longer-in-production, custom-reproduced gift. These are going to Tearoffguy before I use them.

How strange is that? And thanks again Chris.

Shawn B

Edit: And now that I've seen it, that foglight bracket metal piece is coming off, getting hit with some sort of rust-kill stuff I already have in my shed, and then painted to nice shiny black before being reinstalled.
Last edited by Shawn B on 2012-06-08 at 23-45-59.
2012-06-09 01:04:42
Originally Posted by Shawn
Excellent video.

I showed the track videos to wifey. She said "that looks like a farm." I said "yup, it was a farm, and a smaller farm than ours." She was diggin' it big-time. She cannot drive on the streets for safety reasons, but she damn sure could drive on a private track.

I'll keep on working that angle. No shit.

Shawn, this is your benchmark. GO!
2012-06-09 01:22:16
I bet we could get Ameen to help design the drainage grading!
2012-06-09 01:37:35
Lol. Add some tires for me, too.
2012-06-09 02:17:53
Originally Posted by Meeners
If Shawn Build's it I'll spin off on it!

You won't if you stay off the brakes mid turn! Geez, no wonder you got all loopie. I still can't believe you shot that much mud on the track.


My photos and videos:
Last edited by hammerin hank on 2012-06-09 at 12-56-38.
2012-06-09 02:20:18
Originally Posted by happynole
How Meener's got all that mud in his car:

Damn Joe, you caught me a ton there. Nice save in turn 12... I think both Eggman and I thought you were going around.
2012-06-09 02:42:34
Originally Posted by happynole
How Meener's got all that mud in his car:

SR2012 happynole's Panda session 2 at Nelson Ledges part two.mp4 - YouTube

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