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Thread: 2012 Convention Info......... The Reunion!!

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2012-04-18 17:46:03
Reserved a room for me and the GF from the 31st to the 3rd. I am not taking the 91 so it looks like the 93 VE'd car is coming with me.
2012-04-18 18:02:41
Originally Posted by Jimithin7000
Reserved a room for me and the GF...

Wrong answer.
2012-04-18 18:07:45
Thanks for the reminder. I need to get mine in.
2012-04-18 18:23:39
Originally Posted by wnwright
Wrong answer.

Unavoidable, It's her birthday the 2nd. I am not much fun by myself since I quit drinking and smoking. The days of drinking and smoking all night and then sleeping briefly only to do it again are over for this guy.
2012-04-18 18:52:38
yeah i call bullshit on that its the damn convention tell the ball and chain to loosen the grip and have some fun with the family
2012-04-18 19:35:37
Originally Posted by morgans432
yeah i call bullshit on that its the damn convention tell the ball and chain to loosen the grip and have some fun with the family

I am Jimmi. Hi

Whether I come by myself or with someone, I am Jimmi. You guys should expect me to be the same Jimmi whether or not a female comes with me.

Furthermore my decision to not drink or smoke is mine and personal, nothing to due with DUI's, females etc. I am not settling down, bitching out etc. I think me getting drunk and smoking weed and cigars was starting to take a toll on my body and bring me down. Perhaps it is a phase, but I like eating well, working out and getting a ton of sleep. I don't have pains in my joints or back any more.

You start to get older and appreciate that it's the people that surround you, not the drinks or addiction that make life worthwhile. I still go to the bar to chill with friends and drink water. If someone has to much I drive them home. I realized I like being social but don't need booze to have fun.
Last edited by Jimithin7000 on 2012-04-18 at 19-41-29.
2012-04-18 19:43:51
you will have a beer with me period end of story and I dont booze at all like i use to. 1 or 2 beers wont hurt you and you know im all about being healthy.
2012-04-19 00:30:38
someone say beers?
2012-04-19 01:48:08
Gloria and I have our room booked I think Kimme and Alvin are backing out due to already having too many things going on without enough monies to pay for it all.
2012-04-19 01:53:28
Getting pumped for the convention. Might end up taking my B14 out.... we will see if it is road trip worthy by then.
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